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lost a second one

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I just went in there to check the kittens. There was a second one dead. a calico female. She looks crushed too.
I dont know what to do, should i seperate taz from the babies and feed them myself? What should i do. I cant see two kittens in one day dying.... with no reasoning too. she was fine just 2 hours ago. Thats how fast she was gone, when i checked on the earlier, taz was laying in there, whats going on?
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This is really a tough call, I had a Mom that would lay and smother the babies if they cried. This is something that does happen, not often, but still on occasion.
Does Taz seem nervous, excited? Are her pupils dialated very wide? Is she eating and drinking well?
I am not so sure that this is the reason that you are losing the babies, as when they are this young, they could have congenital problems that you can't see. Please don't blame yourself, or anything you have or haven't done. This is just a part of life.
All you can do is keep an eye on them and intervene if you think they need it. Keep an eye on Taz, as well, in case she is trying to smother the kittens.
Keep us updated, and you are in my prayers.
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I will pray the other 4 do ok...
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