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Oh No our simba has gone

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Simba has been outside for 4 hours now and hasnt returned its late night here in uk, and i dont know what to do as we dont have a cat flap, do i risk leaving the conservatory door open all night & lock the kitchen, or shut them both and hope he'll come back in the morning?
He normally goes out in our yard for a couple hours through day and we put his collar on when he goes out but take it off when he comes in because it ittirates him, but toniught hes dashed iout the door when huby was smoking without his collar.
Im so worried now, we live in a cul de sac area with a lot of cats but most of them do stay out all day & night, but as simba is a bengal aswell and only 8 months i dont want him to be out all night..................EEk what to do?!
Im hoping as soon as ive wrote this he'll come back in
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Ha! Just as i hoped,he in now!
we thought we'd give him one last call before shutting the door and i strted scraping his litter with the scoop and he came rushing back! Cant believe how long he was out for, why do cats like the dark so much?
He's meowing alot now, he doesnt want to be in........
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Well, I'm glad Simba is back inside! Has he been neutered? If not, that may be why he wants out more. It is spring, and maybe there are unspayed females outside. Even if he is neutered, he could be feeling the call of the wild.
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Oh I'm so glad he returned safely, and so soon so you're not up all night worrying about him.
Our boys love going out at dusk too. It's their favourite time - well, maybe they'd like dawn too, but we're never up that early to take them out!
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That's good news! It's scary when they get out!
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