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Sick cat - intestinal lymphoma

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We're new here...after just spending $3,000 to find out what's wrong with our 12 yr. old cat I thought I might need some support!

The biopsy will be in tomorrow, but the vet feels fairly certain that Binkey has feline intestinal lymphoma. She has lost a terrible amount of weight...is basicly anarexic (sp?). She is a large cat and now weighs only 8 lbs. Skin and bones!!

We were told to feed her anything she will eat. I have tried most all of the canned foods. I wonder if anyone else out there has dealt with this and might have some suggestions.

She is on an appetite stimulant, Zantac and a stool softener of some type. If it is lymphoma for sure - it could be IBS - she will go on prednisone and chemotherapy. Meanwhile I just need to get her to eat!!!

Any suggestions? Anyone else with a cat who has feline lymphoma?

~ Carol
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I have no experience with lymphoma and my heart goes out to you during what I know has to be a very difficult and stressful time.

You might try a little human baby food - I like the jars of chicken or turkey meat only, no veggies or onion. Warm it in the nuke-a-wave and pour it out onto a flat saucer. Dip your finger into it and offer it to her on your finger.

Best of luck,

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My dog Dazy passed away from it in March. I was told she had it almost a year before her passing, but that it was to far. She did lose weight but ate very little till the last few months when she stopped walking and barking, then slowly stopped eating she passed from it but was peaceful.
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Just wanted to welcome you to the forums. My heart goes out to you and your cat. Please let us know what the results of the tests are.
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Good News! The vet called late last night and it isn't lymphoma....it's irritable bowel disease....she said this is very good news as this is a more treatable condition. Sounds like she will be on appitiate stimulant, Zantac, Cisapride (a stool softerner etc.) and Prednizone.

Thank you all for your thoughts and kind wishes for Binkeys health. My 89 yr. old Mom lives with us and Binkey is her baby. She has been worried sick over her and was so happy to hear the good news. I'm sure Binkey is one of the reasons my Mom is still alive.

Thanks again and I'm enjoying this forum!

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I am happy to here it will be ok. Thank you for the update.
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Carol, this is indeed good news! Thanks for the update to let us know. By the way, Binky was the name of my first cat ever. *grin* It was short for Inky Binky Boo Boo, a totally black cat who adopted me as her own when I was a little less than a year old. We also shared our home with Wiggle and Wanton, who were Siamese siblings, but Binky always chose to share my crib with me.
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