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Icis ran off

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I was bringin out the dog for his nightly duty, and Icis ran out JUST as i opened the door. i put the dog on his line and tried to get her bac in, calling for her and everything, to no avail. then this am, she was on the porch, waiting for me. When i tried to get her to come in, even shaking her bag of fav treats, NOTHING. She ran off again, and came back a few hours later. she refuses to come near the door of the house, just come onto the porch. I took her bowl and water out and put it in a plastic box on the porch, so it wont get wet, but so she can eat and get fresh water. I dont quite know what to do. right before she did that that night, she ripped open a screen over the porch, trying to get out .

Prue dosent seem to have any problems. she stays away from the door, and is content to just look out the window, without touching the screen. how can they be affected so differently?
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Are they both spayed? That could be why Icis wants out. If you can't get her in soon, ask the vet to borrow a live trap to capture her and bring her back inside.
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I actually had a feeling that this would happen. Sorry to hear it. She'll most definately come back pregnant.
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oh just what i DONT need, believe me! I am trying to get the money up to get them spayed. i jsut cant believe the attitude change since the heat, its like Icis became psycho kitty!!!! i did catch her tonight, but she scratched the hell out of me, so i dropped her and she headed for the hills again. there are NO cats around where i live that are outside that i have sceen in the 4 years i have lived here. there are appts on either side of me that dont allow pets, and the ppl i live by are older without animals. she seems to come back at night, but wont let me catch her, its like she hates me
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A cat in heat will do what it takes to get out and find that tom (or let the tom know where she is). You will be lucky if she is NOT pregnant. Do your best to keep her in, even if it means lock up in the bathroom.

I'd get her to a vet as soon as you can before she is too far pregnant. They can spay her when pregnant, but it will cost more.
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Have you looked into low-cost spay/neuter clinics in your area? I know there are plenty of very helpful people on here that know all about that stuff!

You really should get them in soon. It's causing both you and your girls unnecessary heartache!

Come home, Icis!
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Update? Any sucess catching her?
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yes. sorry i havent had time to reply,lol. I got her, and she is inside now. she is acting like her old self, and i *THINK* i have all her pee spots cleaned well. I just know once her heat comes around again, she will be at her old tricks.

yes i have looked into the low cost spay clinics, but i have to make under what i do to qualify . so it will have to wait till fall or later before i can come up with the money, not that i want to wait that long .
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Yes defintely try to get her in to be spayed as soon as possible after you get her back. If it bothers you to spay her while pregnant, then tell the vet she "might" be but you don't want to know either way. You can try to trap her, borrow one from the vet or a shelter. Or if you can get to her where you can pick her up, immediately scruff the back of her neck and hold her tight until you can get inside, or get her in a carrier.
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