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Curiousity Poll: Calico Count

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It seems that almost every litter born so far this year has had at least one calico kitten in it. If your cat has had a calico kitten (or two) this year, post how many there were. I am just curious.
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I have 6 kittens, born 3-14-06, none of which are calicos. My last litter had 4 kittens, Mom and one baby were calicos. I don't think I have had any other calicos in my lifetime...but there have been many cats...but I think Coco and her baby Rosie were my first calicos!
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Gemma is a calico, and has one kitten, Serena, who is also a calico.
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No calicos in my three....just tabbies and a b&w.
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5 kittens born 4/14/06 ... 3 of which are Calicos :-D
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5 kittens born 4/4/06 & There was one Calico baby.
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My cat had six kittens on 4-10. She had one calico. It does seem like everyone has a calico It's the "in" thing!
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The kittens that I rescued were both calicos: one normal and one dilute. I kept the regular calico and gave away the other.
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I have never had a calico, never really cared for calico color. I really love solid colors, black or gray. I had four kittens born 4/6 all white (born white they will be seal/blue mitted)

(They are cute and all, I don't want any one thinking i,m saying any thing bad about them or any thing, I just probley wouldn't pick one out of a litter, and I usually prefer males, and well I haven't seen too many male calico's(none to be exact)
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silly q: one of my kittens is a dark tabby with brown on his/her face. is this considered a calico? I thought not, since it does not have the defined patches of color but then I was not sure...
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The two girls in our litter of five are calico.
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iv got two out of four that are calicos
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Don't count mine in as these occured in previous litters. I had a tortie rex (so I could get multi colors) and every litter she had (5) she had at least ONE tortie/calico. One litter she had 2 - regular tortie and one dilute (bluecream)
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One of the kittens that adopted me yesterday is a calico!
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