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I lost one

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I lost a baby. Im pretty sure he was the first born kitten. Last night, before i went to bed i was checking in on the kittens and taz. She rolled over ontop of the babys to get a stomach rub, i rubbed her tummy while fishing all the kittens out from under her. I thought i got them all. But i didnt. When i checked on them this morning, they were all in a heap, so i started petting each one and talking to them, but one didnt move when i touched it. He was gone.
He was the prittiest little kitten too, black with a white face mask and lovely stripes. Im so upset, and taz wont let me take him out of the nest. When i tried to, she layed on him again, and of course all the kittens jump to nurse. So im upset, and have to get the babie outta the box.... im so sad now. I dont think its right, there was nothing wrong with the baby, his weight was allright, he was active and cute. And i feel like its my fault. i know i was out too late and really tired when i checked on them last. and i missed the kitten there...

Poor little baby...

Goodby and im sorry....
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Oh sweetie, I am so sorry. It is not your fault, these things just happen. It is not something we ever want to see, but it happens. You are doing a wonderful job with Taz and her babies. No one can take that away from you.
It could have been a million different things that could have taken the baby to the Rainbow Bridge, but none of them are anyone's fault. I know it is hard, but focus on the Taz and the other babies.
Hugs to you and Taz. Rest in peace, sweet baby.
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I am so sorry about the loss of your kitten. I have lost several kittens over the past 4 years, from 4 foster litters. It is heartbreaking!

I always do a head count when I check on the kittens. It is so easy to think they are all there, but one is missing. Or the opposite, I'll be afraid one is missing, but when I count, all six are there!

There is something called fading kitten syndrome that is like SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Basically, it is an apparently healthy kitten or baby who for some reason just dies. I think that is much more likely than a healthy kitten being crushed by its mother.

Condolences on the loss. As far as getting the baby from Momma, just reach in and pull it out. It cannot stay, it wouldn't be healthy for the other babies. Poor little sprite, gone over the rainbow bridge so young.
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I second the cat-SIDS thing... a cat would know if it were lying on a kitten...
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My heart goes out to you and taz. RIP baby.
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