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lily and kits

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Here they are. I have been trying to get some good pics, but she is comfy under her blanket so this is the best so far. I named the mom lily, since it has a sort of spring/easter feel to it. she has been a trooper. She gave birth starting last night at 5-ish til 8 and has four fat and happy kittens (2 tigers, 1 light grey (like mom) and one light grey and white). She is a great mom! Hopefully I can get some closer pics soon.
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So cute. congrats!
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My momma cat and yours had babies at the same time last night, how strange!
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yeh, but your mom-cat seems more relaxed with you. Little lily gave birth under the blanket and has been doing everything else since then under the blanket. She is doing a great job though, so whatever makes her feel safe is good for me.
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I think it's best to do just what you are doing and keep mom as relaxed as possible (as long as she's in a safe location). Lily and kits are gorgeous!! Boys or girls?
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not sure yet. last night i was just trying to make sure they were breathing and getting some starting weights. now mom-lily is feeling better and a little less excited about me touching the kittens too much. perhaps we will get lucky tonite and she will take a nap!
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I probably wouldn't push your luck too much if Lily is still skittish with you. The feral foster i have right now got startled and upset when i first took one of the kits away to weigh (and then supplement) and she tried to move the litter into another area of the room that wasn't as accessible or safe. For me I would try and touch the kits to what extent Lily will let you and let the trust build slowly. My momma is now ok with me taking the kits and bringing them back...she will growl at me if i take them for too long though.
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She is beautiful and glowing like a new mommy should...
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