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Cat Worm Testing

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Hello everyone!!
Does anyone know if a vet/or clinic will just let you bring in a poop sample from the cat to test for worms without making an actual vet visit?
I have to wait until tomorrow until I can call but its been bouncing around in my brain.
Snickers (we are hoping the name sticks) went to the vet last Thursday but they only tested her for FIL and gave her a first vaccine. The lady who is caring for her vet stuff right now said they will just treat her for worms no matter what, but Id rather not treat her if she doesnt have them, so I was thinking MOnday I would just take in a sample and have them test it and then if she has worms go from there........But I have to be careful not to step on the toes of my husbands cousin since she is the one taking care of the vet bills right now.
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We will accept a fecal sample without the animal at our clinic, the only other thing we need then is a current weight if they do have parasites. It shouldn't be a problem especially since they already saw the kitty last week.
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My vet will let me bring in a sample without the animal. He sees everyone at least once a year anyways. I usually will take them with me to get thier weight, but he doesn't charge me an office call unless he examines them. I think my vet charges $13 for a fecal.

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