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Missy NEEDS your Prayers

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Missy is my Tiny Silver/white Kitty girl. She is so tiny when she jumps fences she flies over them, so I call her my Silver/white bird. She suddenly has gone from eating, to ONLY wanting to eat cooked Turkey to not even eating IT. She does not want to be touched and growls if I try. She wants to eat but cannot.

I desperately NEED her to get well. She is our dear little "Mama" and takes such good care of her "boys" Panther and Ben and we love and need her so much. We go to the Vet tomorrow but I am worried sick as she acts so sick.

Please pray for her to get well!

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Get well Missy, your Meowmy's worried!!!! Can you get her to the vet?
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Sending lots of healthy vibes to your sweet Missy girl.

I was going to ask the same thing as Shannon - What has the vet said?
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Missy will be in my prayers. It's imperative that she receive immediate Veterinary care. You're like familiar with Hepatic Lipidosis, a fatal liver disease in cats that develops when they suddenly stop eating. She needs professional treatment or she will likely not get through this illness. Please feel better very soon, pretty little girl!
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I am praying for this angel. Please take her to the vet! Let us know!
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She goes to the VET first thing tomorrow. She ate yesterday so she has a day's grace before she gets that fatty liver disease.

Right now she does not even want to be touched.

Thank you for the Prayers and good thoughts - she is such a sweetheart. She was abused and abandoned and her "new" owners already had 4 cats and refused to take her to the vet. I stole her and I took her to the vet and they were happy to get rid of her.

I was THRILLED to be her person.
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*sending lots of get well vibes*
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Glad to hear she's seeing the vet tomorrow. Please keep us posted about what her vet says, and how she's progressing.

Have you tried enticing her with turkey baby food? That might tempt her...

I'll move this to Health & Nutrition where our experts may have more ideas to keep her comfortable and tempt her palate until tomorrow.
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Sending many prayers for Missy.
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She's such a sweetheart! Please keep us updated how Missy's feeling and how her appt goes tomorrow!
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Missy will be in my thoughts. Wishing her the best of luck.
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Keeping Missy in my thoughts and prayers, please let us know what the vet says tomorrow.
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Bless her heart . Missy's in my prayers.
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***Thinking and praying for your babes***

Let us know what the vet says...

Jayme and Jackson
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<<<<good vibes for Missy>>>> What a beautiful girl and I hope she gets better soon.
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Lots of good vibes from the whole family. We are all praying that Missy will be ok. Please let us know what the vet says.
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Be well, Missy, we're all here praying for you and looking forward to a positive experience at your Vet tomorrow.Snuggles to you and your Mom, she's so worried about you.
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Missy spent Monday and Monday night and part of tuesday at the Vet. THEN he left and never called me.

She is home and still barely eating and does not want to play or do anything but sleep. I am so frightened I am sick and the Vet is off till Monday!

Thanks for the Prayers - she needs them!
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I am sending prayers your way for little Missy...I have been following your threads on Missy for months as my sister has a cat (Angel) that is now suffering through stomatitis and must get all of her teeth out.
I am praying that Missy starts to eat again. Please give us an update on how she is doing...

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We'll all be thinking good thoughts about you and your baby Missy! Please let us know what is going on! Personally, I'd switch vets! After keeping her for that length of time, and then not calling you? I'd get my records and go somewhere else.
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Personally, I'd switch vets!

He is the best we have here! What I NEED to do is to try to get money and get her to Davis.

She NOW has a room to herself. I put up (or wedged) a screen door and it is open only enough for her tiny self to get in and out of the rooml I put her food in there with her litterbox and water and she sleeps next to a radiator space heater on a pillow but can sleep anywhere else in the house if she wants.

Today I saw her eat a few morsels of EVO but not much.

Thanks for the Prayers I just hope I can talk to the Vet on mOnday!
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Missy will be in my prayers as well
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I am so sorry I didn't see this sooner. Prayers that Missy can recover quickly. Is she on any medication after the vet visit?!?

You are such a caring person, and I know how deeply you love your kitties. I'm sure this has been a horrible week for you and Missy. to you as you help your girl recover!
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Please keep us updated! I send love to her!
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Missy FINALLY saw the vet and he did not do bloodwork as she had it done 5 months ago and all was fine.

He did do a urine culture so I have to wait on it.

He did an xray and there is a shadow on it that has been there for 6 months - he does not think it is a tumor but - since she has a rib that sticks OUT and a hernia and METAL sutures from her spay (before I got her) that perhaps she has internal problems - old injuries that make her not feel well from time to time and not want to eat.

He is having the Radiologist look at the xrays and see what he thinks.

So I still am a bit worried but not as much.

Thanks so much for the prayers and vibes for her - Missy IS a special little silver-white kitty girl! Missy on the butcher block table looking at me.
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Hugs and prayers to you and sweet Missy! Hope all turns out well!
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Hug and Prayers. Keep us posted Pls!
Jayme and Jackson
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