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Help - Sudden Behavior Change!!

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I am really worried about my cat, Joseph. He was an adult "stray" that I got from the Humane Society last October. He has always been totally loving...not only slept in my bed but on my back or side...always jumped in my lap when I sat down on the couch...etc.

The weather turned a lot warmer recently. It seems like as soon as this happened, he stopped sleeping with me or even upstairs at all. He'll jump on my lap but seems restless and won't stay there for long.

I thought that maybe this could be because he was an alley cat before and the warm weather makes him want to go outside?!?!

He was at the vet a few months ago, no issues.

Any advice would help.

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Is he neutered? If not, he knows it's spring and may want to do what male cats do in spring! I don't suggest letting him out at all, but do suggest getting him to the vet to take care of business. Otherwise (if that's not the issue), maybe buy a harness with 2 straps (one going in back of his front legs as well as around his neck) and take him for walks.
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He is neutered...I don't know why he'd suddenly be sad...maybe I *will* start walking him.
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Abby has had the Spring crazies lately and has been galloping around the house like a little nut. Once it gets a lot warmer, her activity level will go way down.

You know your cat better than anyone. If you are concerned by this change in behavior, a call to the vet would not hurt
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Tis the season, time for the females to spray their mark outside so the males can find them. It will make any cat (neutered or not) nuts if the pheremones hit them. Natural instinct cannot be removed by a scapel. You can buy a few bottles of Feliway Spray to couteract what he is scenting, or buy a couple of the comfort zone plug-ins to help him through this time.
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