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going offline for a while

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Hi, guys!

We had a really nasty storm last night here in D/FW, and it knocked out my internet. Apparently it's not the hardware, it's a problem with the cable lines to the house. But of course AT&T can't get anyone out here after 5, and I have training Mon thru' Sat at the new job next week, 9 to 5, so it's going to be a while until I get it fixed. They think they can send someone out on Sun the 19th, but I'm skeptical about that. Not to mention that, I don't know what my work schedule is going to look like so I can't make arrangements for another time until sometime after next Sat anyway.

So I just wanted to let you know I'll be gone for a week or so, but it's not personal, it's technical.
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We'll miss you and hopefully you will be back online again soon.
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Hope you get it fixed and come back to us, soon!
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Sunlion, if you don't get the problem solved and manage to check in with another computer, it might be your software, not your connections.

About a year ago a typical N TX spring storm knocked out our lights, phone and DSL. We had already turned the computer off as a precaution so didn't expect a problem once the phone was fixed about a week later.

But we couldn't connect.

I spent countless hours on the phone with SBC, waited twice for technicians that never showed up, and spent countless more hours on the phone. Two weeks later we still couldn't connect by DSL or dial-up, whether with IE or without. SBC could ping my modem, and I could ping via DOS. I ripped and reinstalled EVERYTHING that might have been screwed up: DSL, TI Mgr, adapters, IE, even Windows itself, and NOTHING worked. I went online at work to a newsgroup and someone replied "sounds like a winsock problem" so I Googled it and printed everything I could find that looked relevant.

It appeared that it was, indeed, a winsock problem, and the relevant registry key had been corrupted, so I had to delete the key and then rip and reinstall the adapters one more time, and it WORKED after a month of pulling my hair out.

So, just in case the technician doesn't help........
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Geesh, Cooie, that doesn't sound encouraging!

And I have an Apple, too, so that much more difficult!

Actually, AT&T pinged me, but my ex, whose company created a
program to web-enable mainframes and who can usually ping me, couldn't. So I called AT&T again and they said it was too much rf, which I gather means the line is noisy and the machines can't understand each other. Which means they have to fix it, but I have to be there to make sure my computer works.

At least there is an internet cafe near the University, so I've been able to go over there and check in now and then. I imagine I won't be back online until Weds.
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If you're able to get through during the week, let us know how you like your job. We'll miss you this week. Good luck on the job!
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The AT&T guy came out, and it was the modem! The thunderstorm blew out the modem, so they replaced it and took the old one, and everything is fine now. I will tell you all about the job in a day or two, but right now I'm just poking about for a few moments before I have to go study the menu. We are required to know the menu, and to be able to offer at least 2 wines to complement each meal. It's hard to cram all that into my head!
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Welcome back! Good luck, with the job and, no matter the cost, wear comfortable shoes!
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