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baby pics

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Wow, They are Beautiful, I love the little tabby van. Congratulations!
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They are all cute but I exspecially love calico's do you know how many are boys and girls? there is (most likely) one girl the calico. It is very rare to find a male calico.
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Very cute. Congrats!
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Wow, what beautiful calicos! The tux is beautiful, too! Cognrats
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awwwwwww beautiful!
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Such beautiful kittens! Congrats on your new arrivals!
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Seems to be the year of the Calico Kittens on TCS. Very cute babies.
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They are all very cute!! I always have a soft spot for tuxedo's.
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Mine is for calico's. Congratulations on the babies.
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that first one looks like one of calas :-)
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the two calicos and the taby n white r girls and the litl blk n white is a boy,
boy is called mossy, taby called willow, n calicos poppy n clover
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Those are beautiful names.
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