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So, about how I totally called this...


It was our anniversary, and we went out to dinner at the same place we went on our first date. Which was absolutely lovely.

For the rest of the story, you have to know a little background, which is that ever since we've known each other, pretty much, there's been an understanding between Ian and I that we are soul mates and we will spend the rest of our lives together. He owned up about this the first time exactly 2 years ago on the beach...on the lakefront path between Fullerton and the North Ave. Beach, for you people that are familiar with Chicago.

So tonight on our way home in the cab, Ian had the cabbie drive past my street and to the Fullerton/Stockton intersection. THen we walked onto "our spot" on the beach where he propsed and put this winner of a ring on my little finger:

It's not the best picture, but it's the best we could do!

Anyway, we'll set a date for sometime in late 2007, after we've graduated and are settled, etc. I'm so excited to be official! I love him with all of my heart and this makes me so happy!
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Nice thread title and congratulations!!!
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Congratulations to both you & Ian!

What a great thing to have happen after the hard week you've had...Ian's got fantastic timing!
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Congratulations! You lucky lady!
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Congrats. I actually guessed this after the bit in your last thread about him taking your parents out.
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How romantic too! I bet you are both feeling over the moon right now!
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Congratulations!!!!!! How romantic and perfect! My suspisions were correct the other day after you said he took your parents to dinner!!
I'm so pleased for you and the ring is gorgeous.
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How gorgeous i absolutely love your ring!!

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How wonderfully romantic!!, it sounds like the scene out of a movie!. Have fun with the planning, it's a blast! I love your ring too btw!
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Thanks everyone!!!

Tracy- I'm looking forward to planning too! There's a possibility, since we already know that we want it to be pretty small (just close family and close friends) that we might go to Barbados, since a close family friend of ours runs the Fairmont Hotel down there! I don't know, though, I might want to stay in Chicago, in which case...we know people at the Fairmont up here, too! Which is across the way from navy Pier on one side and Milennium Park on the other which would make for some very pretty pictures. It'll either be Fall 2007 or Spring 2008. We'll set an actual date when graduation looms a little closer on the horizon.

As for the ring, it's .7 carats and has a white gold band. THe diamond has UN certificate as being a fair trade diamond...not from some scary abusive mine in Africa. The band is thin because Ian told the jeweler that he needed something that wouldn't hurt me or make it impossible to take the ring off when my fingers swell up during practicing or performance. It's absolutely perfect and EXACTLY what I wanted: simple, yet very elegant.
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Congratulations to both of you!!! That's a beautiful ring!
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ALLIE!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations chick!
I know how you've wanted this for so long and Ian certainly found a romantic way to pull it off! Besides that, that ring is STUNNING!
I am so so SO happy for you both!

We'd better see you on the "Gonna Be Wed" thread soon!
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Congratulations Allie!

I am so happy for you, the ring is GORGEOUS!
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Congratulations to both of you!
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Aw, so happy for both of you! We can't wait to hear all the wedding details!
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Congratulations! The proposal sounds like it was very romantic.
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Congratulations Allie (and Ian )!! Gosh, he couldn't have done it any more perfectly if he tried. It really does sound like the happy, bring-the-kleenex endings of one of those sappy, sweet, girly romantic movies. Your ring is just beautiful, and so much thought went into it to make it just perfect for you.
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Congratulations This is brilliant news and I am so happy for you!

And your ring is beautiful, and I totally agree its so hard to take a good photo of rings. I have tried so many times with mine and its taken ages to get a half decent photo of them...LOL!

Really happy for you

Eva x
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Fantastico! I am thrilled to hear that we had this one pegged! You needed a little good stress thrown on top of all that bad stress, lol!
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Oh yay! Congratulations Allie!
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Yay! I had a feeling...but didn't want to say anything. Congratulations, what a BEAUTIFUL ring!
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Congratulations! I remember thinking when you said he'd gone out to dinner with your parents, and your anniversary was coming up, that I wonder if he's about to propose? I wish you both many happy years together.
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Aww, I'm so happy for you! Your ring is beautiful!
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Thanks so much, everyone! Your comments are very lovely! We just announced it to the family and they were pretty thrilled (my big fat Italian family...remember in My Big Fat Greek Wedding where they all go "Iiiiiiiiaaaaan!" and then converge upon him? Well that exact same thing just happened) and I've stolen away to my teenage-hood bedroom to write this on my dinosaur of a computer. So I don't really have much more to say right now, other than that I will have two Maids of Honor...my sister and my best friend Cheryl.

Thanks again everyone!
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Congrats Allie! It sounds like Ian picked the perfect time & place.....so romantic!
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Many congrats!! That ring is very pretty btw
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