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I read your story a little late, as i just ran into this post...but i just wanted to let you know that i will keep you in my prayers. You seem like such a strong woman. i know if my mom raised all 2 of my sisters and I on her can definitely do it! You already seem like you're managing things quite well with your boys...even setting up an easter egg hunt! - so there you go, you're doing better than you think. Keep your chin up and take comfort in the fact that all your friends at TCS love you very much!!! And let Skittles cheer you up too- my kitties are the best when i go through a rough day and need someone to talk to or a furry head to cry on. best of wishes. Your husband may not physically be with you- but i'm sure he is looking down on you and your boys, and smiling on you, he'd be proud of how great your family is doing!
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Thank you very much. I appreciate everyone here. My kids go to school and it is just me at home. I have not gone back to teach yet. I occupied my time here and thinking of ways to make my house feel not so cluttered.
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Hi there,

I've been reading all your posts with interest lately - I hope you don't mind me asking but how long ago did your husband pass?

I know losing my Grandad was the hardest thing I've everhad to get through I can't imagine losing someone as close as a life partner

We're always here for you
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I dont mind He was killed Oct 1st 2005
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Your poor thing.
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no not poor I still have him watching and my kids,, Then my animals.
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That's true. You're strong and that's excellent!
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I will confess if it wasn't for my kids I am not sure I would be here. They have given me life. They love me and show me why am needed.
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Hey, I just read your thread, I wish that I was here to offer some support last weekend, but I do hope you are feeling a bit better now. I think you are a great mom, and a wonderful person just from exchanging words here on this site with you. It is very obvious that you are a caring person and a loving parent. I'm sorry that you have to deal with such loss but I believe you will feel stronger as time passes. You may not feel that way now but you ARE strong! Time will help heal your sorrow. He will always be with you in spirit and memories as well as your children. many warm
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Your and your boys are very lucky to have each other!
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You and your family are in my thoughts. Holidays are rough. We lost my father in law on Christmas eve, the same day we buried my niece. I know how you are feeling.

As for your boys, as long as they believe its true. Its the spirit that matters not the stuff. Heck, I still believe in Santa. Untill someone proves me wrong it is possable.

Hang in there you are one tough mama!
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yes they are sometimes they dont show it, but I know they love each other.
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I know how you feel though. If it weren't for my daughter, I probably wouldn't be here, with all I've been through.

And now my son. I'm blessed.

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I do not plan on more kids. I want to enjoy them growing up now. My mom said you never know who you will meet later on so don't bank on it LOL. I told her ya right mom like there would be another my boys would kick there butt LOL.
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Lol, you never know! Your boys do look mighty intimidating though, haha!! Any man that can get through them to vie for their mama's hand will be a strong one indeed! ;o)

You are still in my thoughts, you are so strong!!!
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If you look at my website you will see there dad is the same way. But he was not he was a pussy cat. A real love bug.
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