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Super Kittens!!!

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Hi!My feral gave birth to 4 kittens 6 weeks ago and I have big plans for them but i need help. First off I have found them all excellent homes and it makes sending them away a lot easier. I am keeping one and along with her and the others I plan to socialize them as best as i can next to what mom is doing. I figure it'll make it a lot easier on them and their future owners by doing this. So what i've done so far was to give them a bath, introduce them to water by letting them play together in the tub with a bit of water, clip nails,brush, clean ears, open their mouths, not letting them scratch or bite people, lying them back in awkward positions or holds that they will be put into at the vet, basically all stuff that they might encounter in order to be comfortable and trusting that they won't get hurt. I'm going to introduce them to oher cats, dogs, and maybe small animals when they are older and vaccinated.So far they are doing great with all the stuff but the big bad vacuum but we're working on that one.Mom was kind enough to litter train them and teach them how to use the scratching post! I was wondering if you guys could think of any other things that I can inroduce them to in a positive manner that i maybe forgetting?
Thanks, Angela
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oops, i forgot one more thing that i think is relly helping. Everyday they go to their new owners for an hour or two to get used to them so it won't be such a shock 6 weeks from now. All the owners have litter boxes and food bowls there and have paid me to get them vaccinated and neutered/spayed at 11 weeks so they have a week to recover with mom and the others before they head off to their new homes. This way i also know for sure they are being sterilized o they don't have to go through what there mom did(in her previous litter before i came into the picture all her babies but one starved to death.I now take care of her son and her).The best part about all of this is that I'm having sop much fun doing it. i'll tell you how it works out.
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Wow! You're doing great! These kits are really lucky.
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Sounds like you have thought of everything. These little guys will have a better start than most kittens. They (and their new people that they will own) are very lucky you are doing all of this!
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You're being such a good and tender mommy that it makes me cry! :sniff sniff:
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