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Bee sting.

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A friend of mine's cat just caught a bee in his mouth and let go of it pretty fast!

He's not sure if it actually got stung (I assume so) and is wondering if this is serious enough to take the cat to the vet. I told him to take the cat in because any swelling in that area could block the cat's airway. Poor baby. He learned a hard lesson today!

What i'm wondering now is how many bee stings would put a cat in danger in a regular place on the body? I'm going to start taking my kitties out to play in the park from time to time and I'd like to be prepared in case it happens.
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Unless the cat is having a reaction to the sting, there isn't that much to do for him. Just be sure and remove the stinger www.pest-control-hub.com will give you directions how. But if the cat was allergic, the allergy comes on quick and then yes, the cat would need to be seen by a vet. My crew eats yellow jackets and bees when they fly into the enclosure. So far (knock on wood) no one has developed an allergy to the bees.
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I have to agree with you on it. Vet asap.
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At the very least, call the vet to see what they say.... my black lab thinks she's part frog and catches bugs mid-air a lot... when she was younger we had two bee or yellow jacket incidents: one she caught and stung her inside the lip and the other landed on her ear and stung her... both times the area swelled (once we knew she wasn't in danger, it was comical - a giant lip and a giant ear, haha) we called the vet first and told them the location of the sting and reaction and they gave us instructions on administering the correct amount of benadryl (cant remember if it was adult or child strength) to her and what to look for that would require a vet visit - I guess she takes after her big sister (me)... I blow up like a football where I get stung... as far as being fataly stung: I believe it depends on just how allergic an animal is to bee stings - just like some people have to carry an epi pen for bee stings... I'm sure someone here or a vet could give you more details on that...
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Can you please post a update...Prayers are being sent.
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Everything is okay
Vet said that if he was stung, he wasnt stung badly.

He's eating normally and doesn't seem to have any ill effects. Oh silly kitties... the trouble they find for themselves!
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Originally Posted by BuzbyJLC10
my black lab thinks she's part frog and catches bugs mid-air a lot...

That is funny! When there is a fly in the house the cats are always the first to know! There would be no use for a fly swatter in the house my cats would get it before we could.
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My nephew-cat tried to eat one once and it stung him right on the nose. His poor lil face swelled up so bad. We just watched him really close to make sure he was okay and by the next morning he was fine. Embarrassed and mad, but fine. Probably the kind of thing they only do once...
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