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Spot's nose diagnosed

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That wasn't a wart on Spot's nose, it was an injury from being swatted in the face by one of my other cats. When I took Spot into see the vet today, that so called "wart" fell off of his nose when the doctor barely touched it. Spot seemed relieved..I think it was bugging the (favorite expletive) out of him.

AND would you believe.......

....there were remnants of a cat claw underneath the scabbed area of his nose. Actually, Spot was in better condition than expected....well, as far as not having a really bad infection considering the size his nose grew in 3 days.

He gave me an antibiotic cream and sent us whiners away.
You know I had to attach a picture to show you how funny Spot looks now... not to be gross, but here's the "scab-free" rendition Spot.

All's well - that ends well...

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Spot is beautiful and I'm glad he's O.K. Can you are someone else who reads this message please tell me how to attach photo's. I'd love to show you the little stray babies I'm raising. They are so cute.

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I'm so glad that Spot is back to normal. Do you think this will be a reoccuring problem?

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Hi,.Spot is gorgeous,..and so unusual,.too,.I don't think I have ever seen such markings,.and what a "dollface"..I am very glad to hear that he is going to be just fine,..
Thanks for sharing,.I am going to try to attach a pic of Baily,.but my computer has been "in a mood",.so to speak,.so if it doesn't work out,.or you get something other than a picture of Baily,.I will keep trying,.
here goes: It says that Baily is not there,.but I have a picture of him on my desktop,..so I am totally lost,.I wish I could do this,.I want so badly to show you guys just how goregous he is,..!!!!!
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