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Scared kitty vs. Bully kitty

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I'm posting this for my Mom, because we are both at our wit's end.

Here's the story. About 2 1/2 years ago my Mom moved into a different apartment (going through a divorce). Just before she moved, one of her cats, Zeke, was following her around and sleeping with her. Another cat, Buddy, was missing. He'd run away (he'd done this before *sigh*) and hadn't come back. Just before she left, Buddy came back. Mom took him with her and left Zeke behind. Zeke is technically my little sister's cat and there were "family" issues with taking him.

Buddy settled into the new apartment fine, although he was VERY lonely and so about a year and a half ago she got a Siamese kitten, Lydia. Lydia and Buddy got along great. Then last June everything got shaken up again and Zeke came to live with her.

Now, Buddy spends nearly all his time in the closet and is apparently terroized by Zeke. Zeke attacks him if he leaves Mom's bedroom, eats his food and chases him. Lydia gets along well with Zeke too, so she's just along for the ride.

Buddy as always had using the litterbox problems, but now he also poops and pees on one of the kitchen counters and on the floor in the kitchen, even when my Mom's watching him. (There is no infection, we know that.) For a while, Lydia wasn't spayed, so she got her spayed hoping that was what was causing the aggression (was going to do it anyway). It wasn't. She's also tried Feliway (didn't work) and something (can't remember the name, Good Cat or Kitty?) that you put in their water. She takes food to Buddy (if she doesn't he won't eat).

This has been going on for about 6 months now. When Captain, Buddy and Zeke all lived in the same house together, this wasn't happening. (Maybe because Captain was Alpha?) Mom is so frusterated and is seriously considering re-homing Zeke.

The other interesting fact about these two is they are both rescued feral kittens and Buddy's sister (we weren't able to catch her) is Zeke's mother.

If any one has any suggestions for this, please post them! I'm worried about re-homing Zeke because he was a feral and doesn't warm up to people (except Mom) will make whoever takes him give up on him and turn him out.
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When these cats were separated they became strangers. I suspect your mother didn't take that into account and just brought Zeke back in without reintroducing him. So they got off to a bad start and every day just made it worse and now it's been going on for a long time. I suspect the only solution at this point is to find another home for one of them, I'm sorry to say.

Zeke will probably do just fine if he's in a home where he's the only cat.
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I would put Buddy in his own room for now and keep the door to that room shut. Give him his own litter box, food and water. You will need to keep him closed away from the other cats until he is no longer frightened. This could take several weeks or even longer.

In the meantime, stress causes urinary tract infections, so if Buddy has not been checked by a vet recently for a UTI, it would be wise to take Buddy back to have his urine tested for signs of blood or infection.

Once Buddy is feeling more secure, you can try to reintroduce the cats by following the directions in the thread I will post in a minute.

Good luck!
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Please click here to read the thread on how to reintroduce the cats.
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Thank you very much! I will pass this along to my Mom. Hopefully this will work as neither of us want to rehome Zeke.
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I talked to Mom today and she has hope that one of her friends will take Zeke on a two week trial basis. He'd be the only cat. If it works out with her friend, Zeke will have a new home, if no, he'll be separated and then reintroduced slowly following standard procedure. Hopefully one of these will work.

Apparently also, he's started to exibit dominance behaviour with Lydia (humping)... and Lydia has started to get frusterated with him.
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