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Kitten Weights and a ?

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Kittens born on 4/13...
Today Weighing in at:
#1 - 4.44 oz (overall gain of .34)
#2 - 4.44 oz (overall gain of .34)
#3 - 4.29 oz (overall gain of .49)
#4 - 4.50 oz (overall gain of .80)
#5 - 4.01 oz (overall gain of .21)

It's interesting to see that the "runt" is now the "pig"!!!
And the little black one that I had concerns about turned around and put on over half an ounce since yesterday, so he's catching up quickly to the others. I weigh in grams (I noticed a few of you do as well) - I think the scale is more accurate - and then convert to oz.

My question is concerning Sammi - she hasn't pooped yet (but is using the box to pee) - I have taken the advice given and got a high fiber dry food - actually is 10% fiber - and some canned pumpkin (which I haven't tried yet) - but also picked up some hairball remedy and put an inch of it on her paws - got more of it on me I think - she hadn't licked it off as yet, but we'll see - I certainly don't want it to "backfire" on me by overdoing it - so I will do this gradually (btw called the vet and he said to "calm down and wait - if she's not in pain, not straining in the litter, etc) but to call back on Monday if I'm still concerned...
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We are having the same problem with the pooping She won't even pee in her litter box. She has been running to my boys bathroom and going in the shower. My vet recommended some cows milk (not too much). He said that should relieve her. I will have to wait and see
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OK - so I gave her an inch of the hairball remedy on her paws, and 10 crunchy snacks that are specific for hairballs - and guess what? Not 45 minutes later she relieved herself!!! YAY!!!
Also, I 'm not sure if this was the real 'cure', but she did follow me out to the kitchen where her litter pan has been for the past 3 weeks ... so I quickly acted on this and grabbed a spare litter box and placed it in that spot! Perhaps she just didn't want to "go" where the babies are?? (Which is fine by me - the other box is in my bedroom next to the head of my bed!)
So, for now there is a box in the bedroom AND a box in the kitchen and the bedroom door is left open a bit for her to go back and forth if she needs to!!
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Your babies are at a good weight. Way to go
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Thank you - I was nervous a bit with the last one, but he has definitely rallied - now he's right there at every feeding!! (I still havent sexed them yet - something for tomorrow)
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