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women's facial cleansers

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I'm now officially a Biore supporter. About 5 weeks ago, or so, I had gotten the ice cleaser and the nose pads which rip out the black heads...I loved them the first time I tried them. But last night I got the self-heating clay mask and the anti-blackhead scrub. Ooooh my gosh, I'm in love.

Last night my sister tried to tell me that "as long as other products have the same concentration of syllic acid, then they're all the same." That's BS. Sorry, but it is. I've tried other products with the same concentration and they don't do diddly squat for me, if not completely dry out my face and make me flake. Usually other products would only work for about a week or two before I had to move on to something else because it seemed as if my pores got adjusted to how it works and then finds a loophole. It's not like that with biore, though. the next product I'm getting will be some more nose pads...I have a black head infested nose, and only Biore has helped with black heads, so I need to stay on top with it!).

Does anyone else like/use biore? It's taken me SO long to find something that works, and and I'm so excited! The mask HAS to be my favourite...it really does heat itself up...almost to where it's too hot. It's so fantastic and relaxing...just fantastic.
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I dont know if we get that in germany but i will definetely look out for it!
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That's it, I am having a horrible yucky day at work and when I get off at 8pm I am heading to the store to pick some of this stuff up. My skin is so crazy I'd love to find that 'miracle' product that I will just love, hopefully this will be it. I've always envied people with beautiful skin.
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I have some of the biore nose strips and sometimes they work, sometimes no. Since I changed to Aveda skin care they really haven't been pulling out much gunk.... maybe that means I'm cleaning my face better???? LOL
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Sanctie, I'd reccomend getting it at Wal-mart...well, it depends on where you live, I guess. My wal-mart sells them for about 5.99 or so each...but! With the stuff that comes in boxes (like the nose strips, self heating masks, ect.) a one dollar coupon is in the box!


That's the link.
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Woohoo, I'm heading to Walmart later then.
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yay! I hope it works for you, it's just so awesome.
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Thank You for the reccomendation! The mask sounds neat!
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