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All day yesterday and all night, taz has been spending several hours at a time out of the nest. Ive had her locked in the bedroom with all she needs. and ill come in to get this or that, and she is on the windowseal, or on my bed, or even in the little kitty bed, and ill check on the kittens and they are cold.
Now ive been keeping my room really warm and even muggyish. There is a connection to the bathroom in it and every time someone showers it heats up my room. But the babies dont feel so warm. Not like they did early yesterday.
What can i do?
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I've read on here to put a heating pad onlow and lay under the box so not to burn the babies and lay towel over opening to hold in heat.

BUT, there are others here that are experienced in it...I saw since you'd not had a reply yet to let you know what I've read.

Hope they are all right!
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I use a heating pad, with a blanket or towel over it, in a corner, so that the babies can move over to it, when they get cool, but can also move off, if they get too warm.
Taz may be getting too warm in her nest, and leaving to take a break and cool off.
Don't worry too much about the babies, unless they are losing weight, not gaining, or crying for Momma.
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I have made the 'rice heaters' - what I did was to take some fleece and sew it into 2 long "snakes" - fill it with rice and sew closed. I "zap" them in the microwave for a few minutes (check to make sure its not too hot or not hot enough) and line the nest box with them - kind of like a "bumper" - at night I'm also filling a 2 liter soda bottle with hot water - wrapping that in a towel and placing it in the far end of the box - moving the bumper so that the bottle can't roll on top of anyone - a towel on top for the nest "lid" held in place with 4 clothespins and there ya go!!
The babies have been nice and toasty and Sammi comes out whenever she needs to!
Works great!!
Good Luck!
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Originally Posted by shagenecc
I have made the 'rice heaters' - what I did was to take some fleece and sew it into 2 long "snakes" - fill it with rice and sew closed.

For a quick and easy way to make one, especially in a pinch...use a sock!
I never was one to sew!
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ok, ill give it a try, im paranoid about everything, so i tend to overreact, but i didnt htink it was safe for the babies for her to be spending so much time hanging out other places.
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Please try to heat them up and maybe some KMR. Have you been keeping a eye on the weight.
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Has things with Taz improved? Is she staying with her kittens more? Are the kittens now staying warm on the heating pad?
Can you move Taz into a bathroom or a large dog crate to confine her more in an area with her kittens?
Remember not to supplement the kittens unless they are warm. I hope things are better, update us when you get a chance.
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She lost 2 babies today and lil red might be 3.
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