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I think he needs a friend

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So, I've had my cat for about 5 years now. He is a big boy. Weighs about 22pounds. Because my wife and I are gone for most of the day, I feel that he may be bored out of his mind. We are in a new (old) house and the one thing he can do to enjoy himself is urinate on stuff.... But thats another thread.
Being that he is as old as he is, would it be wise to get him a friend? Or is he set in his ways and would just kill the newbie?
My cat is fixed and has no claws in the front if that helps.
Any info will help me though... Thanks
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anyone? Anyone?
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Hi, I would be as worried about your declawed cat as I would a new one - he won't be able to defend himself as well, even if he's a heavyweight. Do you play with him when you are there? With special cat toys? His age is not an issue (tho' would be if he were 15+), but maybe he likes being king of his castle. Plus if there are urinary problems of whatever kind, the whole territory issue, hard enough in a normal situation, could become major, and maybe should be dealt with properly - plus cat smells stay in furniture, floors, etc. forever unless you use one of the new products with special enzymes in them.. one is called Zero Odor, and I forget the name of the other, but I'm sure someone else can help there, but the point is you could really have a problem if this isn't addressed first.
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So long as you follow the rules of indroducing them he should be okay, even if it takes a little while.
I would probably get a cat not kitten as he may find a kitten too active, but I'm sure someone else can advise you on that better than me.

Have you seen the vet about him urinating outside his litterbox? He may have a UTI which is very serious.
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22 pounds wow that is alot. I would not just throw a new cat in to the mix. Please introduce at a slow pace.
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I have not taken him to the Vet in a very long time... Actually, since he was declawed... Man, I feel bad now... Thanks for the imput.
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He does not pee directly outside the box. He just sees stuff on the floor and urinates on it. If there is nothing there to pee on, then he doesn't do anything. I think he may have been a neat freak in a former life and does not like me leaving things around. Hmm. Those odor control sprays sound cool, anyone know more?
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LOL that might be possible.
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time to visit the vet ... Oh and the declaw defending against claws ... declaw will likely win( this is my experience)
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They're not sprays, but more serious deep cleaning stuff... look in the cleaners at the store, or ask about them - I know Zero Odor has a website.
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