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A caught a stray tomcat,should i keep him?

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Hi everyone,
Today i finally did it,i caught a 2-3 year old tom that was making it's living around my block.The cat is normal and seems quite healthy,but he has fleas and i really don't know how i'm gonna train him to make him do his needs in a litter.Besides this,he's very docile,but still nervous and i get the feeling he's more like 'accepting defeat' rather than enjoyng my company,but i'm not sure.It seems he was indoors,but escaped or got kiked out by his owners,i don't know,because he didn't object very much when i brought im in.Just a few meows aand thats' about it.He's eaten and theres nothing wrong with him like i said,except for flies.
So i'm in a dilema.I want to keep him but he's just to big,beyond training,but if i let him go id really fell ashamed of myself.
My mom doesn't want him either because of his age and said that if it were younger she would have accepted.

Oh and btw,why does he sharpeh his claws all the time,is it because the poor thing is nervous or just because he did it in the wild?
I'm in a big dilemma here..HELP!
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First thing on the agenda should be to have this big guy neutered...whether you keep him or let him back out!!

I would bring him in to your vet. & have him checked-out and treated for the flea problem.

There is nothing to be ashamed about if you decide to release him...some cats (strays/ferals) are not meant to be inside lap cats. In either case...to keep or release...please have this big boy neutered.
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Why should he be too old to get friendly to you?? No, isnt true. Most homeless ARE grown ups, and almost all can be excellent homecats in time, and most also loving to be petted...

Your is already almost tame, it shouldnt be any big business.

It is easier with kittens, but grown ups can too. Give him time. Dont hurry in.

Yes, they usually scratch. It may be a little nervousness. A little it is also to mark his revire. Good. Give him scratch trees! When he is more used to you - you can cut his claws some - once a week perhaps - if he shall be indoor cat. (dont cut claws on a outdoor cat - he cant defend against dogs feks or save himself by running up a tree).

I dont understand why it should be difficult with litter, especially as he had a home once. the sand should NOT be parfumed of course. Try with common sand like that from a beach or childrens sand-pit. It may be a idea to mix the sand with common soil "earth""dirt" (sorry, im foreigner, cant all the nuances of words).
How does the litter look like? Where is it? Many litterboxes are like a house. Take off the door if the cat seems afraid or reluctant to go in there.
If it is an open litter - do have it in a corner, so the cat feel more secure, a little shielded so to speak.
If you still have difficulties, keep him in one room a few days. Litter in one corner, his food-plate in another, water in third, his sleeping place in fourth. some toys of course. In this way he will learn to use the litter very soon.

One more thing. What is it with the litter? Number two or peeing? If peeing so he is perhaps "peeing in"??, ie marking in his new revire!?.
Excellent! This means he sees your home as his new home.
He will quit with it soon, when he feels secure and safe.

EDIT, yes if ye is unneutered he is probably spraying and or peeing in. Tomcats do this.
It will wanish, and the pee will smell a lot lesser, and he will be easier to get tame and be a loved pet - when he is neutered. He will be also more friendly to other cats. And other cats will too be more friendly to him.

So take him to a vet for check up AND neutering.
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He seems like a great cat right now. And he is not old at all! Cats can live 15-20+ years and you said he is only 2-3 years old? He has a TON of life left!!

As soon as you get him neutered, he will be much more calm and relaxed. He may even be more content to stay indoors and get affectionate. He will also not makr all over your house. Please have him neutered and give him a chance.

Then if it really isn't working out, think about rehoming him, but by then, I bet you AND your mom will have fallen in love with him!
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All I can add really is that the former posters are right.

You must like this boy to bring him in, and he must be mostly tame already. Just get him to a vet and neutered, get him some scratching posts, and if you're going to keep him in, let the vet cut his claws. The fleas are no problem, just an application of something like Advantage or Frontline on the spine between the shoulder blades and they'll soon be gone from your whole house. The vet will do it for you, if you ask.

Cats don't have to be trained to use the litter box like dogs have to be housebroken, it's instinct to them. Once they know it's available and that's what it's for they'll use it. I've seen four week old kittens toddle into the litter box and I've brought in older cats and they all do it. Just get an unscented, nonclumping litter from the store.

A grown cat is perfect to adopt -- they're over the kittenish into-everything phase and ready to settle down and be part of your household.

So: what are you going to name him?
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Good for you! This boyo probably WAS a pet before. Give him a vet visit, a neuter and flea treatment, and he will calm right down. He'll be very affectionate once he realizes you clean his box, and brimg / give food every day And if it
comes to having to put him out, he could be an outdoor cat if you put shelter out for him and he knows he can come for food in the am and pm.

Don't give up on him yet, you'll see... he'll really really love you like nothing else once you "rescue" him!
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I agree with the others a couple of yrs ago when I finally petted my "stray" and let him briefly in the house he jumped on the toilet and drank out of it. I knew then he had been someone's pet at one time.
Getting him neutered and checked out at the vet will make a hugh difference in both of your lives.
My senior cat Ox was 2 when I got him-neutered the day before-he is 17 now!!!
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Thank you all for your advices and i'm sorry i couldn't answer,but i had trouble loging in.Anyway,my mum trew him away.He did poop 3 times on the floor with the litter next to him,but surprisingly enough f\\he did pee in in the litter.I told my mum it's take some time to train him,but hat it's not imposible.She didn't want to listen i guess and threw him away.I'm so angry and depressed right now...i think i saw him the other day somewhere around my block,maybe i'l try to catch him again,but i don't know.It's all really complicated,though it shouldn't be
I don't know..maybe he was just too big to hold inside
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