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A dream

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I often dream about a cat that went missing last year~and last night I had this same dream!! And it always seems the same, he comes down out of the hills and kinda acts scared of me! I feed him and he runs off again Its so weird because he has been gone like a year and I still dream about him! And I wake up hoping hes with me, but then I realize hes not I do miss this cat, but I know hes not coming home, so wonder what the dream means?
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I'm no dream expert my any means, but I've heard of cats coming home after YEARS of being gone, so you never know.
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My step-dad had a cat that ran away. A few years after that it came to visit the house. It was standing on the edge of the woods behind the house just watching them. It perked it's ears when they called to him. Then he meowed and walked back off into the woods.
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Maybe the cat is trying to tell you something.
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