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Litter Maid

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Not too sure if this subject was hit before, but have noticed it was talked about a little in other forums...

Do any of you folks use this? If so, could you post some pros and cons about it. My wife and I are not home alot and I would like to have something to keep his box clean. I read about some cats not covering up so the feces gets stuck in the rakes and what not.... What else?
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HI, I have used it once when it first came out. I liked it, but so did my cat. He would jump in it just to see the brush go off a few minuets after he gets out. There is a whole lot of information on this topic on this site. If you go to the top of your page. You will see right under the page numbers, a place that says search this forum. Go there, and it will pop up with an area you can put in the words litter maid. Then it will pop up with a page full of this topic. Hope it helps ya out. God bless

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- You get to clean less often
- I doesn't smell in your house alot depending on how many cats you have and how many litter boxes you have

- My cats pooped on the rug that comes with it because it had a rubber backing
- You have to buy the little litter containers unless you do what my dad did and just buy some small plastic bags off ebay and use them as liners
- The cost
- stuff gets stuck in rakes
- Mighty big
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I used it for about 6 months...even though it raked the messes, and kept the litter clean, things got stuck in the rakes, and the liners were getting more and more expensive. I opted for a good litter brand, and a kitty scoop. scared my cat at first, because he would walk around his mess before covering it, and the thing would go off while he was in there occasionally.
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i have 3 - i'm a fan! the newest one came with a special scooper with tines on it spaced perfectly to clean between the rake tines - & stuff does get stuck there i use small, 4 gallon garbage bags [store brand] to line the receptacles - perfect size - & that way my receptacle don't have to be changed when i dump the collected waste. since i'm gone all day at work, i like not coming home to a stinky house - it scoops for me. it's also nice when i'm gone for the occasional long weekend for the same reason. i've never had it go off when a cat is inside it. wal-mart carries one for $89 plus tax - which also has the scooper, receptacles & a rug to put under it.
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I always would just take the container the litter went into out, and dumped contents into garbage. Then put the container back. Never had a problem doing it that way.
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thanks for all the replies. I will do a search on the topic for more info.
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I personally use the Litter-Robot and they are awesome!!!

There are no rakes, the whole globe rotates and cleans all the litter. I can not say enough good things about this product! I have six cats and two Litter-Robots. They are a little expensive, but come with a 30 day money back guarantee and also a 18 months "bumper to bumper warranty".
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I bought the new ionic breeze litter maid thingy.

and it has filters but im not paying that much money for new poop holders....soooo

i put a plastic grocery bag in it, and whenever its time to throw away the poop i just pick the plastic baggy up.
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here are some bags that they sell on ebay especially made to line the littermaids.
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I was thinking about buying an automatic one...however...i like the feline pine because it also covers the smell and has no dust no tracking...can you use that kind of litter?
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Reddicequeen: I am pretty certain you can't use feline pine. You have to have a kitty litter like Tidy cat, where it clumps hard and fast. I used Swheat Scoop in it, and it just gummed up the tines. The pee has to get hard pretty fast, before the thing turns on to push it into the trash bin part. Other wise it gum’s up the tines, and then pushes the used and the none used litter. Right out into the trash bin, and some will get on the floor, because of it all over flowing. I was quite annoyed with that when it happen to me. WBCL even has it on their bag that you can use it with Automatic boxes. But someone on here told me that you still get the gummy type pee mess. So no you wouldn't be able to use that either. I think as far as I know, Feline Pine also isn't small pebbles. And that would be the only type you could use in the litter maid.
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Originally Posted by princeegrl
here are some bags that they sell on ebay especially made to line the littermaids.
the 4-gallon small kitchen garbage bags at the supermarket fit really well in mine...
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