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I got my two collars from there. Rambo got the camouflage print, and Lucky got pink camouflage. So hard to choose. I put their old ID tags on them. And they seem perfectly fine with them. Rambo hated all the other collars I tried, but these ones seem much lighter (and they do breakaway easy...I tried.) Can't wait to order more.
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I still have yet to take pics of Oliver in his new collar for this site and to send to the maker... I know I know, bad mama but I've been busy with an online class, haha.... as for kittens wearing collars, I've never owned a kitten myself (Oliver was about 3 when I took him off the streets) but I think if it were me and I was gonna collar my kittens, I wouldn't spend quite so much money on such a high quality collar that they'll soon grow out of... of course I'm in no way putting down her product, praising it actaully! I guess I'm speaking from the perspective of a poor collage student, haha... they would be cute keepsakes to have once they're grown out of though

I'll take pics as soon as I can! The collar does break away easily (yet not too easily, like he's not losing it all the time) and came with a little bell... I added his ID tag and his microchip tag (now that he's chipped!)... It's still very lightweight - prolly lighter than any other collar he's had, and it makes enough nosie (sounds kinda like someone's keys/keyrings klinking together) to warn my poor dog when the monster is prowling nearby, haha
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Those are soooo cool looking! Thanks for sharing the link!
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They have collar charms!!!!!! I have been looking for some of those!!!!!!!

Hmmm, I think I may ust get one of those collars too!!!
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Someone smack my hand please and take my credit card away from me.....

I have just bought 4 personalised kitten collars from Ragtime Collars for the 4 kittens..I could not resist!

Hubby says the cats all have about 2 collars each already...but he doesn't understand... I told him 'How many ties do you have? More than 2 , right'?

His reply was 'Yes I wear those ties to work...and the day those cats earn a good day's wage is the day they can have as many collars as they like!'.

Ha ha!
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*smacks Minxie's hand gently* Put down the credit card... step away from the computer...

No I have that problem too. Every time I have a little bit of extra money (and even when I don't) I spend it all on Zissou.
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i checked out her stuff and it's really cool, i may order some for stoli sometime, after i use up my winnings at Lindsay Designs. . . .
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Check out her photo gallery page... I just recently sent her a pic of Oliver in the collar she made him (he's on page 5!).... glad everyone else likes her stuff too!
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I couldn't resist. Vodka's collar broke today, so instead of going and getting another one, I bought one of the website I got the hot pink hearts. Im going to wait to order her some holiday ones, to see if I can get them bigger. Shes only 4-5 months old, but i dont want to get her a whole wardrobe of collars shes just going to outgrow!
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Anyone else having trouble with the website?
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Originally Posted by rinkrat View Post
Anyone else having trouble with the website?
Nope I just checked it out and no problems....
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so far so good.
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i broke down & ordered these for my babies - & i love them! this is what i got: Chip got the mini-flames #20 - his new nickname is 'Flame-boy' . Pixel got the black paws on red, #211 looks great with her black & white coat. Cable got the white paws/pink hearts on black #217 - looks pretty, especially with her pink soft paws nails - she's a pinky girl! & Java got the orange butterflies, #95 . it's my least favorite - i think i should have gone with a contrasting color, like lime or turquoise instead of the orange... i'll do that next time. the collar is pretty, & just don't like the way it interacts with her coat colors. her turquoise nails look good, tho!
thanks for the suggestion!
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Woohoo! I just ordered Maui a collar- hopefully it will be here soon... it's a premade one from ebay

Thanks for the recommendation- I wrote her a little note saying I found her through TCS and everyone was giving her high praises! I probably just would've bought a crappy one from the petstore- so thanks again!
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Aw! The bandana fabric is so cute! Be sure to take pics of your kitty wearing it when you get it!
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It's so hard to resist that site! I just got two new ones for my two. Lucky got Hawaiian print in lime green (looks great with her black and white) and Rambo (he's tougher to pick for...any thoughts??) I just got him the blue camouflage.

I love these collars...i know what a lot of my friends are getting for x-mas for their kitties/pooches!
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I know what you mean- sometimes it's hard to decide which will look best on your cat!

Maui is a tabby and I originally wanted something dark blue but still bright (if that makes any sense) but there wasn't anything like that... so I settled for red! Plus Chad had to throw in the whole "well it can't be anything girly" since Maui is a boy!

Did you look on ebay? I found that to be easier because I could see what they actually look like already made with each fabric. They're not all on there but I did see some fabrics that I hadn't seen on her site.

* I just wanted to add that I can't wait for the holidays to start coming so I can get him holiday collars! YAY!
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I also cannot wait for Christmas!! Sophia is going to look so great in whatever collar I pick from Ragtime! I'm so glad I shared this collar site to all of you!!!
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Yes, many many thanks for passing the site on!
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I just wanted to let everyone know that I just got my collars from her today in the mail and they are awsome.
I got chester a christmas one with christmas trees, and a blue one with red crabs.
I got dynah a kitten one that is yellow with bugs and flowers on it, and 2 adult ones (for when she gets bigger), one with pink hibiscus and the other with yellow and orange butterflies on it.
They are made from fabric, and I guess I was a little surprised that they weren't stiff like a store bought collar is, but they're lightweight, have a great breakaway clasp and the bells are even quiet enough to handle.
anyway...once again these are tested and recomended.
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Wow, you went on quite a shopping spree! Oliver's collar is still holding up wonderfully! Right now he's wearing it in combination with his Christmas jingle bell collar
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Yeah, unfortunately and fortunately I'm a sucker for nick nacks...and it seems that different collars goes along with that. I had wanted to get Dynah some collars anyway and I figured I'd save the shipping and get her some adult collars while I was getting her "we're moving" kitten collar.
Also, chester has had a long run of collars that end up smelling funny (out of the package...I think it's the glue they use) so when you wrote that these ones were good, I was so excited. I'm sure they'll be getting more (like birthday ones) throughout the year.

Such a sucker...but kitties need their flashy things too
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Wow great website! I noticed a couple weeks ago that the threads on Gizmo's collar were starting to come apart. I've been looking around for a new collar but I haven't been able to find any that I really liked. These look really good though and since they seem to be highly recommnded I just went ahead and purchased one. I went with the tiger stripes, that fits Gizmo's personality perfectly.

Thanks for passing the link along, it's much appreciated.
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You'll love the new collar!
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Originally Posted by Sylorna View Post
Yeah, unfortunately and fortunately I'm a sucker for nick nacks...and it seems that different collars goes along with that. I had wanted to get Dynah some collars anyway and I figured I'd save the shipping and get her some adult collars while I was getting her "we're moving" kitten collar.
Such a sucker...but kitties need their flashy things too
i wish i had known you wanted the orange butterfly one, tho - i got one for Java & decided i didn't like the way it looked on her, so i ordered her a different one. so the other is just sitting around the house...

they really are great collars. Pixel's had difficulty with the synthetic ones in the past, but she seems to be doing okay with this cotton one [she has a tendency to lose the fur on her neck with the others]. & their tags are easy to attach.
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doh! well, it was only $5. You should get a stuffed animal for a child (not too young) and put the collar on it as a present...their own pet "kitty"

I'm pretty sure that Dynah's eyes are developing yellow, it's hard to tell so young (9 weeks) but they're pretty mustardy. the butterflies will look awsome one her.
Thanks for the offer...if I need a new butterfly, I'll let you know
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