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Never what you expect!

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With the nice weather finally here, my crew has really been enjoying the porch. I haven't had much time to spend out there until this morning. It's already sunny and warm, so I took my laptop out there to do some work, thinking how nice it would be to be out there with them. So what happens? No kitties! They're all inside lounging in their favorite spots. You'd think I'd know my now that they never do what we expect them to!
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Of course!!, they are such unpredictable creatures!
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Cats, eh?!
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Cats can be strange creatures sometimes.
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I hear ya! my porch is opened and three of the kitties are out there (to my knokledge) and Twig the one who cries along with Isis until you open the door, is sitting on the computer desk right by me nuzzling my hand....
Cats. gotta love 'em!
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I wish I had your problem! Toulouse keeps trying to run outside! (I won't let them out with the exception of Captain, unsupervised.)
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I agree, lol, crazy cats. BUT, I would rather have your problem, Con loves going outside on his leash. He sits and begs at the door, a pulls at the knob, it's a pitiful site. (Not to mention annoying) lol.
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Of course now that I'm inside working on stuff, three of the four are now out on the porch. Guess the only one who really loves me is Katie! ;
I'm happy they enjoy the porch, but I check on them frequently to be sure they're okay. Then there's the dead birds and bugs that Pete brings in!
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Sometimes you just can't win!
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