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New Babies

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After a week of anticipation, Gracie finally had her babies last night starting at 11:00 p.m. I had to help pull the second one out because it came feet first and it actually only had one foot out. Poor Gracie tried to push it out for about 15 minutes and then I helped her. After that she had not problems. I had nesting boxes all over the house and she ended up having then under my sons dresser. I put her in a box for the second and thrid one but when I left the room for a minute she grabbed one of the babies and went right back under the dresser so I put the other two with her and left her alone for the most part. My last count was 5 but she might of had a couple of more after I went to bed at 2:00 a.m.

Right now she is resting under the dresser with her back towards the opening so no one can see her babies. I figured once she comes out to get a drink of water or just to stretch a little bit then I would go in and check on them and see how many there are. I will also take pictures once I can see them.

Here is also an update on Daisy's babies. They are now 3 weeks old and very curious. One knows how to get out of the box but the others are still trying. I need to take some new pictures of them and post them as well. Daisy is doing a great job.

Now I can get both Daisy and Gracie fixed after their babies are gone to good homes.
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CONGRATS!!!!!!! Good luck on healthy fat babies!
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Way to go Gracie. Let us know the final count and post some pictures. I can't wait
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Well, Gracie finally came out to get a drink of water and some food. She had 6 kittens total. She is very protective of them and right now will only let me touch them for a few seconds. I am going to give her a couple of days and then see how she is. Hope to get some pictures soon.
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Ok I am so proud of her. Just keep a eye from a distance. She seems like she will be a great mom.
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