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Frodo was always a remote hog! LOL
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Awww!! I little Sam in the backpack!!
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Originally Posted by kc&sherman
Awww!! I little Sam in the backpack!!
Exactly what i was going to say your cats are beautiful, thanks for sharing them with us.

Eva x
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Oh they are cuties! Looks like Sam either found a good napping spot, or he didn't want you to leave without him!
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Hellooo Sam and Frodo! - yayi's gang
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So, is this before or after the ring has been casted into Mount Doom?

Love the pics, very cute cats!
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awwwwww cutie patooties!
Frodo is ready to watch some tv huh?? How cute! Gotta love the "cat in teh bag" he he!
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