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Chloes nipples

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I have noticed that her nipples look, I dunno~weird. They just look flat and like they dont have millk in there. Should I be concerned? Or what should they really look like? Thanks for any answers.
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When is she due, or has she already delivered?
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My momma didn't get really full with milk until the day she delivered. Even then it was just like her belly had dropped and everything was saggy. I could tell it was "boobs" but it wasn't what I expected.
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I dont know her exact due date, but shes got to be due anytime!! She was in heat like in Feb(later part) and shes so huge and just waddles around~I feel so sorry for her.

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I think it is ok to say that if she has milk soon then she will have the babies a few days at the lates ofter that.
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