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New Baby Pics

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So the total is now at 5 --- all babies are happy and healthy.

Our once anti-socal rescue (Cala) is now a complete love bug. She's soooo proud of herself. Here are some photos taken about 15 minutes ago --- I'm now letting them rest :-)

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That is way cute. I love the one that looks like mom You can honestly tell her she takes after her mom
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How beautiful Congrats! You have a beautiful momma so it's no shocker that the kittens are so cute.
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Aww-they are adorable!! Momma cat kinda resembles one of my moms cats....
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They are beautiful!! They all look like they are doing great!!
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Gorgeous...just gorgeous!!!
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Awwwww aren't they precious!!!!!
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I love their tails... there's just something about those little tails!...
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