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Birth Video

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I captured one of Cala's kittens being born and before I posted it was curious if anyone was interested, or if it was too gory, lol.
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Might be gory but a true miracle I want to see it...
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coming right up ---
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i want to see it too
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Might have to see it in the morning Can bearly stay awake ...
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Okay ... Ignore the stupid lady on the phone talking to a friend, lol. Yes I was holding her foot, and she was pushing against it ... she was using my leg to do so herself, so I just helped her with this one! Worked out perfect as I was able to get the video!

Not the best, but it's sweet :-)

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That was cool! My hubby loved it and so did I
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it wouldn't work for me
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That was so neat to see. My kids where like wow.
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Hope you do not mind I let my kids watch it. I felt they should prepare for what Skittles will have in store for us. They where in ahhh. Now they know it is a lot of work.
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No I dont mind at all :-) Life (and Birth) is a miracle, and should be witnessed by everyone :-)

Thanks for all the compliments!
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Good thank you. I did not think about asking before I did.
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