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Cats and stuffed animals?

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My cat is such a DOG! She stole a stuffed zebra from my roommate a couple of weeks ago and then a stuffed lamb of mine and carries them all over the house, wrestles them, throws them in the air, pounces, etc. I've never seen a cat do this before! I also never have a matching pair of slippers because she carries them off and hides them under the guest bed or just carries them through the house in her mouth. Is this a normal cat behavior?
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Believe it or not....yep! Maybe a tad on the extreem side, but I have seen cats do things like that!
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maybe she was a dog in another life
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This is really sweet! Serenity has a little stuffed teddy bear and a stuffed lamb that she's had since they were bigger than she was!
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Stewie has a teddy bear that he plays with all the time just like your cat. We also play catch with it. I would throw it and he will run after it, picks it up in his mouth and bring it back to me. Also, he would wake us up in 4:30 in the morning EVERYDAY with a rubber band in his mouth and wants to play..... Yes, 4:30am!! Oh, he wakes you up by crying a bit and start smelling you all over your face...
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You know, my cat Sam does that with two beany baby stuffed cats. Funny thing is, he loves it when you toss the beany baby up and down the stairs....he'll chase after it.

I'm trying to teach him how to fetch, but it doesn't work with him, although my other cat fetches.

He'll wrestle with them and when he wants us to throw the toy, he'll drag it into the same room you are in and sit next to it meowing. So he's getting there....but its the cutest thing you've ever seen!
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HEEHEE!! My babies do this's so funny!! Our daughter expects them to do it now, too!! LOL!!
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Ollie has a small Victoria's Secret *Pink!* stuffed dog (reps were tossing them out free at one PSU women's bball game last year, lol) he doesnt carry it around, but will wrap his front paws around the neck, chomp on the head and bunnykick the body! I caught him doing the same thing to my black lab's stuffed "LoveBunnie" (my valentine's gift to the pup this year, haha... she has a huge basket of stuffed babies)... just a thought: are females maybe more prone to the carrying around due to maternal instinct? Not that males definitely wont do it.... lol Ollie's not much of a toy-in-the-mouth player anyhow, more of a chaser and kicker....
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Wow, I had no idea that so many cats did this! We always had outdoor cats growing up. Maybe I should stop calling her "dog" now. When she's crying around the house begging for attention I started say "dog, what's wrong?" Alright, she is a cat. You think it's just the hunt and kill instinct in them wanting to come out or is it more about playing?
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Trout does the exact same thing..She loves her pink stuffed teddybear..she will attack it and bunny kick it, and carry it around the house all proud!
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Spritzer has a teddy bear and a rabbit that she loves.
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My cat goes one further. She stole a small teddy bear of mine and started to rip its limbs off. And she was just as happy as she could possibly be!
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Originally Posted by momof3rugratz
maybe she was a dog in another life
LOL! Love it!
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