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This is Weird!

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This is going to sound very strange. But one of my babies, Pretty Kitty, died a couple months ago. She had a tumor in her eye. Anyway, since then, I've dreamed about her (as a ghost) in the back yard. I've had these very similar dreams several times. I just see her walking around out there, looking at me off and on & in one of them she went into a neighbor's yard. Also, in my opinion, each cat has a distinct sounding meow. I know Pretty Kitty's meow very well. It was very different from all the rest. More than one of us has heard her meow when we are out in the yard since she died. The latest one to hear her is my mother. She was out in one of the flower beds the other day and heard Pretty Kitty's meow very clearly (Pretty Kitty always "helped" when we were outside doing things, especially digging weeds). There were no other cats anywhere close by at the time. She glanced up looking for her, but saw nothing. And this has happened to more than one of us. We all seem to be having Pretty Kitty experiences. So what's the deal? Are we all nuts or is she still here?
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(insert twilight zone music here)

I don't think any of you are nuts. You just have a spirit kitty! Maybe she's watching over your other kitties. My grandpa died three years before I was born, and when I was little I claimed he came to read me stories at bedtime (I don't remember this). But many years later, a telemarketer called us and I answered the phone, and said, "His voice sounds just like Grandpa!" My dad started crying because he realized I was right. I guess he was just calling to check up on us! You should call Pretty Kitty next time you hear her so she knows you know she's there.
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I have dreams of dead relatives and pets all of the time. It's somewhat disturbing.
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Originally Posted by dicknleah
I have dreams of dead relatives and pets all of the time. It's somewhat disturbing.
It depends on the dreams. I find it fascinating to say the least. I would consider it also a blessing!
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I dream about my dad ALOT!! And most the time it is soooo real, I wake up feelin a bit happy because I think hes still here, then realize it was all a dream! I dont think I have ever dreamed of a deceased pet though, or not that I know of. I would consider it a blessing to dream of your kitty, he just wants you to know hes alright and is still here in *spirit*! Ok-Im a bit choked up now.....
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Right after my little grey cat, Moose, died (had to put him down because he had developed liver cancer and it was in it's last stages), and we burried him in our back yard, I had had a dream that he emerged from the ground and went everywhere with me...I remember right before I woke up he was sunbathing on the hood of our vehicle and grooming his-self(he was strictly indoor), and I remember thinking "What are you doing here, I thought you were dead!" and I just kind of knew that he would always be with me...

He was a very special cat...I think that cat and I had the most truest and deepest love for each other...He was an awesome cat, and I miss him dearly (it's been over a year since he died)...I still havn't fully recovered from the shock of it, I don't think, but I'm learning to deal with it.

Sometimes I think it's just our mind playing tricks on us, because we have such a desire to see our old friend again, and the subconcious turns our desire into images and dreams. I can't help but think that the dream I had (I only had it once) was really Moose telling me goodbye and that he was watching over me, and I think your dreams might be that, too. The meows are really weird, too...very interesting!
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After our dog, Dolly, died I would hear her late at night walk across the kitchen floor. My sister heard it too.
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(Twilight Zone music here too)

This didn't happen In a dream, it happened when I was awake!

4 1/2 years ago we had to have our 14 year old kitty Midnight put to sleep because she was suffering. The vet came to our home to do this, and Midnight was near my computer desk when she crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. That night when I was sitting at my computer typing I suddenly felt something that seemed to be a cat's claws pulling at the back of my chair. I turned around to look and there was nothing there. There were other strange occurances and they usually took place near my computer desk. I would be in the room where my computer was and I would feel something I couldn't see brush lightly against my lower leg. Snowball would also be in the room and I could always see his eyes following something while it moved away from me. Then his eyes would stop following when they reached the spot where Midnight used to lay during her last weeks.

Both Midnight and Snowball also liked to hang out in my son's room. When I told my son about my strange experiences, he said the exact same thing was happening to him, and Snowball's eyes would always follow something that was moving away from him.

(End Twilight Zone music)

We moved to a different house about a year ago and don't have these experiences anymore. I'm not sure if it was something that was real or if our minds were playing tricks because we both missed Midnight. But the question remains....WHAT was it that Snowball was watching?

P.S. Sorry for getting off topic and long.
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