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Pretty Kitty

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I haven't been posting in a while. Just an update.

Iddie Bit died. And the bad thing about is that I don't know why. I found her out by the garden in the back yard. She had no wounds or anything on her. She wasn't very healthy, but I wasn't aware of any major health problems that could have resulted in this. She did drool sometimes, but she did that all her life. We buried her in our little pet cemetary next to Lucky Duck (who was a cat, not a duck - that was just a nickname).

Pretty Kitty had a tumor in her eye. It started out as just a little speck on her eye and it just kept growing. The vet said he thought it was cancer and that it had spread to the bone. She never acted like she was in any pain, which is odd, because she had to be. But a year or two after the little speck started, she died (just a few weeks ago). A neighbor found her in another neighbor's yard (she wandered around a lot, but luckily very little if any traffic is on this street & people usually watched for her). We went and got her and buried her out in our pet cemetary next to Skeeter & Tripper.
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I am sure she is happy and at peace playing witht he angels
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Condolences on your loss of Iddie Bit. Perhaps her cancer had spread into her brain. At any rate, her earthly troubles are over, and she has crossed RB knowing that she had a name and a family who loved her very much. It sounded like the whole neighborhood cared for her, and that she will be sorely missed.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP Iddie Bit.
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I'm so sorry for your loss......
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I am so sorry for you loss. May your memories bring you peace and comfort.
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I am so sorry that you lost her. I know you gave her a wonderful life.
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May she always rest in peace.
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I'm so sorry for your loss of Iddie Bit

RIP little one
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Peace to you and Iddie Bit who has moved on to a better place. Sorry for your loss.
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