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New Baby Pics

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It's Day 2, and here they are!

LOL Sammi looks fierce here, but she was actually YAWNING!!

This is #1....

And another family shot...

OK - I have tried 3X to get the other pics here but I'm not having much luck - will try tomorrow...
The first night went fine, Sammi left to eat a few times (her nest is next to my bed and I heard her "crunching" away!!) Laid outside of the box watching carefully and then went back in...
I am not concerned about their weights - 3 gained and 2 lost a bit, but not much to be fretting over - they are all latching on and "pigging out"...
They "talk" to mommy all the time, and mom let's "gramma" keep a good eye out as well!!
Phew! Time for bed!!
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They're SO cute I love Sammi's face in the first picture. The last two pics are the same(I think). I happy the new family is doing so well
Kat and Luna
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or not(about the pics)... it was my mind palying tricks or just my computer, HEHE
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No, lol - I was probably editting while you were looking - sorry bout that -
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AWWWW too cute!
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They are so darn adorable. XOXO...
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They are adorable!! Momma looks happy!! I look forward to more pictures as they grow!!
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