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I can understand them for women post-mastectomy, and think that saline implants are safer than silicone. I also understand that if one is flat, you may not be able to understand the drawbacks that do come with being well endowed (and I agree with others, there are drawbacks...speaking as a gal who went from a 34B and felt tiny to OH, let's not go there!! Gaining weight is a horrible way to end up well endowed, let me tell you.)

If you do wish to do this, we can support you..it really is you knowing your body and heart best, but be modest about it, don't go for some huge change (just my opinion).

Personally, I'd take a look at the new push-up bras which look like they do a great job and leave you without scars, potential health risks etc.

Also research what this would do for your ability to breast-feed (the best thing in the world for your baby...cheap, portable, and great health benefits)..as I can not recall if it affects your ability to do so...if you plan on kids someday.
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I know a woman who is fanatical about her appearance, and implants are just one part of the package. I don't see her as any happier than I am, maybe even not as satisfied with her life. She's having no better luck in the long term relationship arena than other women her age, and she's basically a knockout.
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I have friends with implants, and at one point I even considered it. I even went for a consultation, and thankfully I had a caring surgeon tell me that I really didn't need them. Now, I would never do it. Sure you may be a stereotypical knockout in the breast dept if you do it, but think of what real femininity means. What it really feels like to be a woman, a naturally beautiful creature, regardless of your looks. People tell me it will make you feel more feminine and womanly, but I think it would decrease that feeling, because I think femininity is something that is natural. Having foreign objects implanted in front of your breast bone may make you feel sexy in a slinky shirt, but I don't think they will make you feel beautiful. Define your own standard of beauty, and have people be attracted to you for who you really are, not because of some surgeon's handiwork.
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Okay I'm beginning to be talked out of it. I guess I was really having to many doubts about it anyway. And the whole point of it was just to feel better about my body. So maybe I should just try to work on my attitude towards it all and be proud of what I've got. Maybe if I just feel better, then maybe I'll look better. And I have made many steps towards that this week, a couple of them being that I'm going to start using a tanning bed next week & I put highlights in my hair. And I think I'm going to try yoga (don't really know why, just want to try it). But anyway, I do have curves. I just wish the top part of the curve would curve a little more!
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Lol, I know what your saying hon! I feel like I've got curves in the wrong places though, lol. Pilates is really fun and a little more of a workout than yoga too!
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Pilates is AWESOME.
I want to start doing it again.
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Before I even read that you wanted to try yoga I was going to suggest it. You will never feel better about your body than the morning after a good yoga workout and a huge salad... Your body is YOURS and it works in such amazing and beautiful ways.

You know, I had something that really really really bothered me about my face, and I was staying with a friend for a couple weeks when I went and got it "fixed" and nobody noticed that anything was different. Remember that everyone else is so concerned about their body that they hardly notice any so-called flaws in yours.

Also, we're so conditioned to believe that bigger boobs are better that nobody stops to think about what they're for. I know that this wasn't necessarily about what other people thought of your body, but most guys I talk to think that "about a handful" is just as hot as an ample bosom.
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Originally Posted by georgiagirl8
I'm going to start using a tanning bed next week & I put highlights in my hair.
Not to start a tanning bed debate but using them increases your risk of skin cancer and can lead to more wrinkles over time.

I'd suggest a good fake tan or if you do decide to use a tanning bed, make sure you go to a reputable salon.
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I've thought about getting them when I'm older but too much money and I'm happy with what I've got!
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I've been considering a reduction. I can't run or walk fast without pain because I'm so topheavy (and I always wear a bra). Maybe I can donate some material to your cause. I miss my morning mile-long jogs

( I know that was gross, but I couldn't help it)
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I think it's all about positive self talk..I think we all have issues with our bodies..but you just have to literally say to yourself that you are beautiful, and soon your mind will believe you and realize it's the truth!
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I know I'm late to this topic but as someone who is broad shouldered with some amount of boobs its just awful shopping for well fitting tops that aren't too tight or ill fitting or ugly!! I have to wear a size large them its all baggy around the waist.
Be happy with what you have!!
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