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Hey guys, I need some help coming up with some ideas. In May we are having Pet appreciation week. I need to come up with some good ideas for pet owners. We are on a limited budget, but so far we have an agility demo and a first aid class. I want to do as much as I can!!
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How about the best way to feed cats different foods for each cat? That should be a challanging chore. I can't do it and would love to see if someone found a way.

What about transporting ideas? Like, take Kitty's favorite toy when going on a trip.

Or, perhaps give a flyer on tips for moving to a new home (something I will be doing in a few months).

What about the best way to pick up those hair/dust balls that blow around the kitchen like it's a desert?
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a photography contest with themes and prizes. A wash your dog day you can sometimes get a vet involved to donate flea shampoo and tick dip. An education table about the health risks for dogs during the summer, especially leaving your animals in closed up cars. (I see this all the time!) A jog with your dog marathon- Maybe speak to a local clinic and see if they will donate spay and neuter certificates for a low price like $10.00 Have an adopt a local zoo animal booth.
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I know this seems kind of dorky, but how about the best way to trim toenails? Some cats absolutely hate having their toes trimmed. Tigger doesn't like to have hers trimmed, so I bribe her with Pounce treat!! Or maybe secrets on how to trim toes?
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Wow...those are some good ideas! I am trying to think of one or two of my own to help you out...but am drawing a blank right now.
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Milo and I can come and do a "Questions and Answers" time on cat and dog behavior and positive reinforcement training. I have rosettes for the best pictures if you go with that idea (which is a good one).
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The only idea I can think of right now is the picture contest idea. But, not based on the prettiest or best looking, but on the quality/artisticness(is that a word? lol) of the picture. Or maybe have a theme contest. OH OH yea...like for Halloween! Send in pics of the animals dressed up!! I hope you get the point lol.
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Now don't think I'm completely wonked.(I swear I have had NO pain medication today.) How about a take-off of the Jamacian woman on late nite TV that does fortunes. . . . . Here's the way I would do it; Dress yourself and a fat dolcile feline as gypsy fortune tellers. (all it would take is a scarf headband style and maybe a cheap medallion on the cat. Then prepare a bunch of individual (squarshed) white seedless grapes with a little hair around and in the juice and bill the act as Madame or Mystic Cleo the Rostafarian fortune teller who divines your future from a hairball "hacked up especially for you" You can charge what ever you think per fortune, but the better the show, complete with fake accent and staging the more popular it will be. Anyone can fake false prophecies, or tune in to the real Miss Cleo and copy her act.
I wish I could come and do it for you. My Handsome Boyo would be a perfect Rustafarian, but everyone knows someone who is a natural comic and you can pull it off.
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LOL these are some great ideas. We are doing this in May, but I need to get it all together way before hand. Maybe I will dress Rene up..LOL. I am going to talk to the vet tomorrow and see if we are doing something all week or if he wants to do one big day. Keep the ideas coming!!
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Maybe something on kids and pets. Most kids, especially young ones, love animals, but they stress out a new little one coming into the home. Also they don't know the proper way to approach an animal they don't know. Sometimes makes for a bad situation.
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What about having some info about bringing home a new baby and how it can affect your pets. And about how to get your pets ready for the new baby. That is my big thing right now, getting my kitty ready, gradually.

And dealing with pics again (I seem to be stuck do that) what about having people bring their cats to the shin-dig and have their pics taken with the pets or seperate? This maybe what yall were talking about earlier, sorry if Im repeating!! LOL.
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The picture thing is a good idea. Around here, there is a company that does pet photos, and they travel in a big RV-like thing. They take the pictures for around $5 or $10, and you get a couple of proofs for that. Then after you have the option of buying a package. They sometimes come to the local Wal-Mart and set up in the parking lot. I had Squirt done when he was a kitten. It's pretty neat.
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how about making up a deck of cards with different animals and items on them- have the kids turn the cards over- like concentration- two at a time- and see if they can match them when they are face down again. For example, have a picture of dog in the air, then somewhere in the deck have a picture of a frisbee- a dog walking, a dog leash, a German Shepherd, a police car- things like that? You can also have a coloring contest for the kids, and then open a discussion as to what kind of pet fits what kind of people???
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I'd love to see a contest or demonstration addressing the whimsical phenomenon of taking cats for walks on leashes. A closed course with (perhaps) obstacles would add to the spectacle.

Generally speaking, as you know, one can take a dog for a walk; but with our feline friends it's more like, "Taking a cat for a drag." I've never witnessed a cat being successfully walked on a leash.

Nevertheless, I'm always hearing about people who do walk their cats. I tried that some years ago, with very little progress being made by either myself or my unwilling feline companion.

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