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The Vet Visit

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Hello all,
I went to the vet today and she couldn't feel any kittens when she palpated her. She did say that she could still be pregnant. She got out about 4 or 5 weeks ago, i think. She hasn't been crying or trying to escape since she got out, like she was doing when she was in heat. The vet also said her nipples look normal, but they are pinker to me. Her stomach is tighter than normal too. She also seems sweeter, more cuddly, and sleeps more. What are the chances she's pregnant? They don't have an ultrasound machine, because they are a newer vet(only been there about a month and a half). It is a Banfield(the one found in Petsmart). Should I take her to another vet or should I just wait it out like this vet told me? I am so confused
Thanks Kat
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There's a good chance that she is, according to those symptoms. It is difficult to feel them in the earlier stages, but it should be clearly obvious in a few weeks' time.
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I think wait 2 weeks then take her in. If they can not feel the kittens then I would say she isn't. That would be like 7 weeks inside. That leaves her less then 2 weeks for delivery.
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The vet said she could still be pregnant. Maybe I got the dates mixed up or ??? Everything is so crazy right now... I just got a new puppy about three weeks ago(before I knew Luna could be pregnant) and she' s a handful. Plus I am so busy at work and school. I will tak her back in two weeks or so
Kat and Luna
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You sound like me.
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You can definitly tell at 21 days. I would say the Vet would know, but take her for a second opinion if you're unsure.
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