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My cat went blind.

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She is our oldest cat, but we don't know how old. She's been through so much already and now this. She was a stray my sister brought home years ago after seeing some terrorist, I mean kid, throw it in a fenced in yard with a dog. She found her a few days later missing her tail and brought her home.

Of course growing up ouside, she had always bee and in-and-outdoor cat. As she got older, she got to where she only goes out when the weather is nice.

She showed no signs of anything wrong yesterday. She goes and sits by the front door when she wants out, and she went outside that morning. Later that afternoon, my neighbor across the street called and said our cat was laying in his yard and wouldn't move. He thought she might have been having kittens, but she's been fixed. She's a little chunky, so that's probably why he thought that. My sister was over here, so she went and picked her up and brought her in. She set her on my bed and she walked around like she was confused. Then she almost walked right off the bed. We put her on the floor and she started walking around kind of cautiously, then ran into a box.

We took her to the vet and they kept her overnight. They ran blood tests and checked her out, but they didn't find anything wrong at all. He said she's perfectly healthy, but couldn't explain why she would have gone blind like that. He thinks she may have been blind in one eye all this time and we never knew it, and the other eye just gave out.

It's a good thing she was in a neighbor's yard that knew she belonged to us.

She's home now, and has been feeling her way around the house. I guess she's doing ok. The doc said not to move things around, but that's going to be a problem since we're in the middle of doing some re-modeling.

What can we do to make things easier for her? She has already tried to go out the front door when I opened it once.
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You just have to watch her. It's going to take her some time to memorize the whole house, although she obviously has a good idea of things since she almost got out. You just need to watch for her to make sure she doesn't get out. Feed her in the same place all the time. She'll probably do just fine.
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Poor baby. Good luck vibes for future use.
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I would think about keeping her indoors now that you know she is blind.
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Our spca is a no-kill shelter and at any one time a couple of cats could cruise the place. When I visited, their blind resident was happily roaming what had been a small Victorian house.
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Where are you re-modeling? If at all possible, think about that. See if you can find a way to contain your kitty in an area that the furnishing will stay in the same place. Once the remodeling is done, then give her free roam to learn where things are. I have a 5 year old foster cat who is mostly blind. She gets around fine. If she likes to play, consider mostly noisy toys(ones with bells in them, etc). Find things she likes & keep plenty of them around. Damita was having trouble remembering where this one chair was, so I bought some cat repellant & sprayed the chair. From then on, she never ran into the chair again. Oh yes, Damita had trouble understanding walls for the longest time.

Good luck with your poor little baby!
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I've had 2 blind cats, and each one got around just fine after the initial adjustment. Like your vet said, don't move things around, keep the food, water, & litter box where they are, and above all--don't let her outside. She's no longer able to fend for herself in the outside world. I'm sure she'll adapt just fine.
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She was getting plenty of taurine?

Your poor baby! I bet she's scared that she just suddenly can't see! I'm sure she'll be fine soon. Def. keep her an inside kitty forever, though.
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The remodeling has been going on for a while. I was in a car accident 4 years ago and broke my neck, now I'm in a wheelchair. I finished with my bedroom and bathroom, though she hardly ever came back here. We're working on one of the other bedrooms, so it's contents are in the livingroom right now. Once that's done, it's time to finish up the living room and kitchen. Things have been on hold for a while, but we were hoping to get back to it in May. Once it's all finished, she'll have a lot more room because boxes and things are scattered all over the place, but I hope it doesn't confuse her when they're gone. Things have been going slowly though, so it's not going to be a drastic change overnight.

She pretty much used to stay in the living room, usually sleeping on the back of the recliner or in the other chair. She hasn't gotten up there since. Now she's been sleeping on the dogs blanket. She also will lay down in the middle of the floor where I can't get around her, and I hate to make her move.

She keeps trying to get out. I don't know what's out there that she wants to get to so bad. I was bringing in groceries the other night, and she was laying on the floor in the living room. Each time I came in with a load, I looked to make sure she was still over there. I came in with one load, and she was not there. She must have moved to the corner beside the door where I couldn't see her, and ran out after I came in. I dropped the groceries and she was half way down the ramp when I got out there. I had to put her on my bed while I finished bringing in the groceries. I felt so bad because once I put her back on the floor, she had to walk around and figure out where she was again.

I put her on my lap and rolled out on the front porch with her yesterday. She seemed to like it. She kept trying to get down at first, but finally just layed down and took a nap. I guess she likes the peace and quiet out there.

Our other two cats seem to know something is wrong with her, but they don't know what to think. As she got older, she didn't want anything to do with the other cats.

I have seen her eat and drink, but I haven't seen her use the litter box. She usually went outside to do her business. She didn't go outside when it was cold or raining, so she did use the litter box when she had to. I did walk her over to the litter box and remind her were it was, but she didn't do anything. I haven't found any surprises, so either she's doing it quietly, or hasn't had to go yet.
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