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Well I found a No-Kill shelter in Sussex County called CLAWS. Here's a bit of information that I found on the Hugs For Animals Website that I stumbled up. Seems like she's the only one in Sussex County:

Company Name: C.L.A.W.S Cat Rescue Shelter of Sussex
Description: Private NO KILL shelter for all kinds of Cats (kittens to seniors all breeds). Cats given professional Vet care, housed, fed, cleaned, Spay/Neut and cared for until adopted out. Funded ONLY by private donations, no money used from state, county or town. Never an adoption fee but Donations of Food, Litter, Toys or Money ALWAYS welcome and desperately needed. Resuce for Strays, Neglected and abused cats as well. All are nursed to health and looking for the righ home to LOVE and care for them. Come find a friend for life!

Do you think she would help me? I sent her an email explaining what's going on and offered money, food, my time, whatever she needed in order to help these cats. Is that what you are supposed to do? Would these people get involved in the "politics" surrounding my situation? Would she talk with the Condominium association to see if we can just do TNR, or is that not something they typically do?

Have any of you ever worked with a rescue shelter? What are the guidelines? anything I should know before speaking with her?

Thanks again everyone.. I hope this has a happy ending...