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Baby Time!

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Cala has delivered two precious babies, more coming ...

Pics will be on in a couple hours!!!!
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Yay for babies!!! Hope the rest of teh delivery goes well .
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I'm so in love with all the babies! I can't wait for pics! Congrats and much luck for the babies to come
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3 Babies so far.

1 Black - Male
1 Brown Tabby
1 Calico

There is atleast 1 more in-utero!

Here are some photos. Please excuse the mess -- you know how birthing goes!!

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Awww, they are so sweet, and Momma looks so content!
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Hehe... I think she looks tired
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awwwwww beautiful!
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Way to go cala and so precious.
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Awwww too cute!
At least you know the calico is a girl
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Congratulations to the new family!!!
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