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Playing hunt the poo!

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I feel like such an idiot!

So, I smell something like poo downstairs. I check Ophie box & it's still clean. Damita & Chico haven't pooped in their box yet, so it isn't from downstairs that I am smelling it. I checked the bedroom box & the hallway box...both are clean. I then proceed upstairs. I check both boxes up there, but they are clean.

So what do I do now? I walk around the house checking corners to see if anyone pooped. It's nice outside, so I have the windows open. I am walking aorund saying "Alright! Who pooped & where do you hide it!?!?" I am still walking around saying that when the front door opens & my aunt & uncle(not cats lovers or owners) walk in & look at me really funny. Boy, was that an awkward moment! I had to explain to them that I could smell poop, but I couldn't pinpoint the source.

Turns out one of the cats outside used the litter box(FINALLY!). Well, if one used it, all 8 are going to. They weren't using the litter box(until now), so I put it right by the front step. The smell came in through the open window & down into the basment.

I am sure Easter will be fun. Everyone will have heard that the "crazy cat Nat" was wandering around her house talking to poop. ...sigh.... Good thing I don't care.
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I had something similar happened the toher day. I had just done a major exercise routine and was coming down teh stairs and I yelled down to my fiance that my butt really hurt! Well the second I finished yelling this we had a knock on the door and it was one of our friends come to visit. I was embarrased.
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LOL Cute story.

too funny
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