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Overrun with Abandoned and Stray Animals

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Never in my life have I come across so many abandoned and stray animals in ONE WEEK. On Tuesday I got Miki, a stray (no longer), Wednesday I saw an old neglected German Shepard hanging around the road/someone's front yard. Also Wednesday, there was a black dog running around campus. And today, someone abandoned a puppy at the gas station up the road. This puppy is no older than 6-7 weeks old. This is just unbelievable. Never in my life! Well I'm glad I'm going to be volunteering for the animal rescue here. Maybe I can help some of these animals. I'm already taking Miki home to hopefully keep her, and I offered to take the puppy to Richmond to the no kill shelter if they found out the shelter here isn't a no kill facility. Of course, I can't pay for board, so they'd have to pay for board, but I offered to transport the pup home to go to the shelter there. This is just so horrible. So many animals running loose around here. You'd think it was actually raining cats and dogs.
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that is so sad!
I saw two stray puppys the other day, and begged my husband to pick them up, we ended up taking them to the puppy rescue. They were just playing on the side of a very busy road. Some people are so cruel to animals. Its just sad.
Good for you for helping out!
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Yea, no matter the animal, I'm always willing to help. My mom has to keep reminding me that I can't save the world. I reply with "But I can try." I want to start my own shelter/sanctuary(sp) when I'm out of college and financially stable.
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my husband sprung on me last night, wanna buy some property! Im excited because that means i can start my animal rescue. There isallready a group here, and ill just be a part of it, We are gonna get several acers. And part of that will of course be wildish, for dogs, and ill build another area for cats, and another area for horses, and anothe for birds. We have a pond here that people dump their unwanted ducks and geese into. Ill catch them and bring them to my place.
Course this will be taking place over the next year, hopefully.
Everyone can help. sence i started fostering ive gotten everyone i talk to eather to donate money to compassion in action ( the rescue group funded outta pocket by one woman) or to foster till someone finds a home. im so proud that everyone helps like that.
we cant save the world, but we can sure as hello save some of it!
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Yea, I want to do something like that. Maybe not horses though, since I have little experience with them. I had them when I was little, but that's it. Dogs and Cats I've had all my life. About how much land would I have to get in order to build a shelter?
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I have always dreamt of having a big farm or something where I could rescue all the kitties and doggies out there..and give them all a loving home with lots of food, and warmth and hugs! I bet it would cost alot, and you couldn't really rely on donations so if I win the lottery I will definately do it!
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Although we are looking at several acers, you dont need all that much, i will open my rescue to any animals. But i would think 2 acers would be good, keep in mind that you need to fence it all in too for the dogs
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How much would that cost? I'll have some money saved up by the time I start this project.
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