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Newborns and touching?

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My kittens are a day old and doing fine. When I go and check on them the mama cat keeps i know this will sound weird maybe but if i pet her she pushes my hand with her head to her babies! So then I gentley touch the babies and the mama cat purrs so proudly. Is it okay for me to touch them? The mama cat doesn't mind but I wasnt sure if its ok?
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It's fine as long as momma says so.
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well my 1 cat has had 2 litters and i was with her for both litters and she would just let me touch them so i think if she is pushing ur hand towards them its a sign tht she wants u to touch them
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Ok thanks for the fast responses!
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lol I WAS gonna ask that, tazzie lets me pick up the babies, but i was kinda worried i might make them sick or hurt, but as long as she allows it its allright? Cuz i cant stop loving on them, and shes just so proud!
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That is so sweet that she wants you to pet her babies. She must really love and trust you.
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My personal feeling (and what I've always done) is that if Mom lets or wants you to touch them, go right ahead. I've always pet them gently on the head, their little bellies, talked to them in a low voice. You could even nudge their little heads gently over a nipple if at times they seem to be having trouble finding them.

In fact, sometimes when I'd rub their little bellies they'd grab my finger with their tiny paws, and I'd wiggle my finger a little, and maybe gently touch their nose so they would get used to my scent. As long as they're not crying or afraid.

Actually, the early contact with people makes them more trusting and people oriented as they grow, I think.

What I personally would recommend though is not to pick them up unless necessary (like checking them or cleaning the box), not to take them away from Mom (I always waited to clean the box when she was eating, and then put them right outside it, and then right back in). I also suggest being carefuil of loud noises and bright lights, at least until their eyes open.

I know some people like to take them out and take pictures, but I always would just take a few while they were nursing and their faces were away from the camera or any strong light, and would only take a few. Once their eyes were open, that's when I felt safer being able to take them out, play with them, hold them, take pictures, etc.

Just my opinion, and my experience. Don't you just want to love them like crazy?
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Yes! How can you not love them to death! I only held them to weigh them other than that i just touch them. Later tonight when i weigh them im going to change their bedding if mama allows lol although their sleeping right now and mama decided she is going to sit in the living room away from them for a few min. Is that ok?
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Yes, that should be fine. Just take them out and get their weights, then replace the bedding.

Personally, I feel that handling babies is very important. The sooner, the better.
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Mommy loves you and trusts you.
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Sammi has been a wonderful mom - she lets the entire family come in and see her babies! I usually feed her and then take the babies for a 'weigh in' and 'loves' - She hasn't minded - she has gotten used to the idea of 'what's coming' - although she does keep an eye on what's going on.
All the babies love their pats and coos, and don't seem to mind being held...albeit for a short period -
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o This is so loving of her. WOW. Great job.
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