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waaaaaaaaaaaaa whine

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Showing the house starts today in earnest. Oh how i hope we get a contract fast because keeping it these neat and organized is going to kill me. I have to make the bed EVERY MORNING. Can you believe it?

But I did put a vase of tulips in the breakfast room, I guess i should have used it more. oh well.... sigh. Wish me mucho dinero, lots of money, beaucoup big bucks. we need every penny to move and still be able to eat.
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Ooooh I am very tidy but I can imagine keeping is spotless everyday would be a chore.
Sending every kind of vibe you need your way.
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I hated keeping the hosue clean when it was for sale. It's not like you can throw things in the closet, becasue they look in them too!

Lots of luck to you. I hope you get a good offer very soon.
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Best of luck on selling your house quickly. There are few thihgs more of a pain in the butt than having to show a house.
We were renting and the realtor wanted to just come in any time and show the house, with 6 months left on the lease. I would not let them come without an appointment 24 hours in advance. I guess it's different if you are selling your own house, though. We finally refused them access until we legally had to let them show it. People would come in and paw over our personal belongings like they came with the house. SO finally bodily ejected some idiot for picking up his guitars after he had been told repeatedly he was there to see the house, and only the house.
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and some man drenched in cologne has just spent half an hour traipsing through my house. why do men bathe in that stuff? If you can TASTE the cologne from the next room, there is too much on. oh I HATE that.
My man just washes regularly.
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Your kitchen is going to sell the house. Definitely! I think it's going to go very quickly.
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