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Very Thin Cat..

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Hi, first of all sorry for the length...

This seems ironic due to the fact my last thread was my big fat lazy cat, but well the thing is I have two cats, at two different houses lol. My first cat Gizzy was out playing in the street doing his usual tart-let thing; trying to get attention from complete strangers and pretending to be lost right outside his house.

So I was keeping an eye on him and one of the people who picked him up said something to the effect of " Oh my God he's so thin, I bet his mistreated the poor thing, it looks like he's never fed!" And this was quite shocking to me. I felt really bad. Gizzy has ALWAYS been thin, just like me and people have made comments on how owners look like their pets sometimes and vice versa... He's nearly 12 and he's been very thin all his life, he was the runt of the litter I think. He eats soo much 2 times a day on wet food for senior cats now, and he always has a bowl of complete dry mix food around the house in case he gets peckish. And with him always being such a tart, we know, we've had phone calls... lol, about how hes being fed at other peoples houses as well.

So he's always eating but never really puts on weight. Hes been wormed regularly so its not that I don't think, and hes always got tons of energy when he actually wants to move and doesn't want to sleep. So hes seems very healthy. Recently he did vomit a foam like substance, but the vet told us that was due to him licking a toad that lives in our garden and that seems very likely! lol and hes not thrown up since then and that was about a month ago.

I'm just wondering He does look very thin and these peoples comments really upset me. Is there something wrong with him? Am I not feeding him correctly? What if they do call RSPCA or something on me, am I going to get in trouble. I've had Giz since i was 7 and I don't want to be hurting him. I just thought that his weight was normal for him.

What do you think
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here's a pic of him right out of the bath, when he rolled in something... ikky! He doesn't normally look this scraggly but I thought It might be a helpful piccy.
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hehe the poor sop looks a little bedraggled! Is he neutered? My male cat was skiiiny for the longest time, til we had him neutered, now hes lovely and chubbly...

But Im sure cats vary as to their natural weigth just like humans do....you get fat cats, you get thin cats, I wouldnt worry about it unless the vet has mentioned something, or he is acting poorly...
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he was neuterd a long time ago. He hardly goes to the vets hes just too scard. He was the first cat in the history my vet's place to need three people to hold him down for an injection so we decided due to his stress levels to only take him in for emergancys. He was shaking afterwards for a long time. and hates going near a carry case lol. If he spys one he will try to shread it before it "eats" him lol.
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yup he is thin and due to his age and being thin you need to take extra special care - he has not an once to spare in case something goes wrong.

No matter how much he hates it - I would really suggest a check-up incl. a senior panel...
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is there nothing i can do without taking him to the vets i'm concerned that that might do more harm than good.
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Originally Posted by Nemesis
is there nothing i can do without taking him to the vets i'm concerned that that might do more harm than good.
Honestly, no...I think (unless I missed your saying this was done recently?) he needs what we call a senior panel - one that checks his thyroid function as well as his kidney values. It's not unusual for senior kitties to develop hyperthyroidism, and it is treatable with a very tiny pill (or portion of...my Tyler just gets 1/4 tab, and it's is truly, truly a tiny, thin pill, very easy for them to swallow).

I think it's worth trying to get him to your vets for this bloodwork, it should give you answers and a way to treat him.

Please keep us posted? I have a real soft spot for all senior "catizens" as I call them
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I too have a thin cat, the difference, however, is that my thin boy has very hard, very toned musculature, he's a youngin.

I agree, your boy should have a thorough senior workup done.
At 12 he should still have great muscle tone, thin or fat, moreso since you say he is very active.
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I also have a very thin cat (kitten really). I attribute it to her being naturally skinny and growing faster than she can put on the pounds. I just had her spayed, so I'm hoping that might help a bit. The vet didn't seem very concerned.

You may want to try adding a calorie supplement to his food. They're usually sticky and malt-flavored and come in a tube, which you can find just about anywhere that sells cat stuff.
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Hi, Happy Easter
Thank you for informing me on what the vet can actually do for him. I didn't know they could do all that! I'm now currently having a little save up for the vets trip to see what he thinks, and for all the required toys, carry case... that sorta thing (I don't drive lol) to try and make his trip as calming as possible. I think he knows something may be on the horizon though, hes keeps looking up at me with "knowing eyes". I've just also spoken to the owner of Gizzy's brother (Spike) and mother (Mogwai) and she said both of them were quite skinny too. Spike being the chubbiest of all. Mogwai is no longer with us unfortunately but we think she was murdered rather than died of a natural cause. Either that or she managed to get herself in a position so stuck that she couldn't get out of... (she was found up a big tree dead on a branch with what looked like an air rifle wound in her) so i don't think that had anything to do with her weight. I'll keep you posted anyway :P
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Sorry I didn't see your reply on first glance random... I'm now on the lookout for a calorie suppliment. (Well not today as its easter and the shops are shut, but from tuesday onwards :P) Thank you It sounds like just what we need.
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