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Reasons That I Am Stressed

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Hi all, I just need to unload a whole lot of gunk from my life:

1. I have a junior recital in 3 weeks and have, of course, left everything to the last minute. I have no accompanist (and I need one, stat) and I forgot to turn in my forms and it's just a big pain in the bum.

2. I have another big performance that I'm also a little slow on the uptake with.

3. My chamber class apparently needs to meet for 8 hours a week, for one credit, and I'm not sure how I will swing this. i really wasn't anticipating focusing on this that much.

4. My apartment is a total mess and there is just laundry piling up EVERYWHERE and I have no time (or quarters!) to do it this weekend.

5. I just got hired as an adoption counselor/behavioral consultant at Tree House and I start tomrrow! AHHH!

6. In addition to other suspicions, Ian just took my parents out to dinner. Our anniversary is SATURDAY and I have NOTHING TO WEAR.

7. My Grandfather, although he has improved slightly, is still quite ill.

If anyone has any sympathy or well-intentioned advice, I'd love to hear it!!
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I send lots of .. Zoey sends headbutts..

. 3. My chamber class apparently needs to meet for 8 hours a week, for one credit, and I'm not sure how I will swing this. i really wasn't anticipating focusing on this that much.
I didnt go to music school but most courses I took you spent 1 hour in class per week for one hour crt ... and they figured 2hrs out of class for that class///

My area is always a mess ( hehehe Mom says the cat site is to blame)

Ian wont mind you in a nice dress hes seen before ... and humm to the parents

does the adoption job at least pay a stipend?? Congrates

I will send vibes for Grandpa ( I know all to well about ill relatives )
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I just have to say that stress is not good on the heart I am prof of it so relax. Try Yoga or meditation.
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Sorry you are so stressed! I wish you were closer, I woudl give you a nice , long massage to melt some of it away.
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You're brave. I remember being a music major and I just had NO TIME between classes, practising and such.

It will just get all better. Sit down, plan out an agenda to get you through the next week or two until things settle down.

Definitely try Yoga, Pilates something to help reduce your stress though! I found kickboxing also helps...or even just kicking the couch
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I'm so sorry you are so stressed. Everything comes at once doesn't it
That massage sounds absolutely amazing, I could do with one of those.
Hope things calm down soon, and I am raising my eyebrow because I have a feelin Saturday could be a good day for you...
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Sending many calming vibes your way, Allie.
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Advice: BREATHE! Take it one day at a time, and set short term, acheivable goals. For instance, don't think that you have to do ALL of the laundry at once - sort through it and instead of sorting by colors, start by sorting by priority (socks and undies, clothes to get you through next week, and a nice outfit for Saturday).

Congratulations on the new job at Tree House! You'll be great!!

And have fun preparing for the performances. Music is supposed to be fun, first and foremost. Don't forget that.
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Prayers for your Grandfather.

You always seem to be so busy and have so much energy. You love the things you do, its just the stress for the moment that is getting to you. My guess is you will get through this with flying colors and when you do, you'll look back and feel a great sense of accomplishment.

Advice? Let the apartment cleaning slide for awhile. If you clean it now you'll just need to do it again later anyway.
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I don't have any advice, just {{{{get less stressed vibes}}}}} and
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Ahh... I remember being a music major too... it DOES get stressful! Like the other TCSers said, breathe, manageable goals....

Have fun on Saturday!
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Originally Posted by Kaleetha
Ahh... I remember being a music major too... it DOES get stressful! Like the other TCSers said, breathe, manageable goals....

Have fun on Saturday!
We actually have this little button that says something to the effect of "Wear this button if you or someone you know is fighting, has survived or has died from being a music major"

Well, here's the update:
-The chamber thing got straightened out...our little woodwind playing chops just can't handle playing Schoenber for 4 hours, so we've cut rehearsal time into 2-90 minute blocks and decided on a one hour coaching session. Plus a 90 minute masterclass and we now have something relatively manageable.

-I had like a spare 2 hours lying around yesterday, so I cleaned the apartment and did a load of sock, underwear and tops.

-I went shopping and bought an amazing outfit. I got this skirt: and I'm going to wear it with a class black tank and this scarf for my shoulders: and these wildly adoprable shoes that my mom got me but I can't find them online

-I've left voicemails for everyone I know who plays piano in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

-This morning will be spent practicing.

And I think that's it. I totally know what Ian has up his sleeve and I'm nervous and it's making my tummy hurt and giving my an IBS attack So no w, I have that to deal with. I'll just have a bland diet today and LOTS of water to saty hydrated and playing the flute usually helps...
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You play the flute? Performance or Education? One of my friends (still a music major although graduating) plays flute.... I think it's one of the prettiest sounding instruments.... I also love cello.

Cute outfit! And hey.... you don't know if ANYTHING is going to happen the way you think it will, so relax!
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I'm a performance major...shoot me in the head right now!

edit: a performance major who is trying to learn a contemporary piece and could really use a stop watch right now...stupid durational marking...why can't these newfangled composers just use regular metric changes? If it was good enough for the likes of Beethoven...
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I'm glad I left before I encountered that.... having a piece that was nominally in 3/8 time (but I was singing more of a 4/4 on top of it) was about as far as I got... and I know that's not that hard.
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Umm, all I can offer is cyber hugs for you, lol. I am knee deep in studying for psychological Research Methods, Environmental Science, and the Philosophy of Critical Thought, which are tests that are all on the same day. I at least understand stress though yours sounds much worse, my heart honestly goes out to you. I'm in a similar boat.
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Aw, I'm sorry Allie. I definitely sympathize. I did my junior recital only 2 years after I started playing my instrument. Is your teacher any help? Any keyboard majors to help you out? When I was going to school, piano majors with scholarships were required to accompany...
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