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Is this normal?

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Adina has turned out to be a wonderful momma, despite her age She is attentive and seems to be taking good care of them. She came out of the closet (hehe) to take a break and got on my bed for some loving. Everywhere she sat, she left blood. Do cats bleed after they give birth? Its been 3 days.
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I would say if they are about quarter-size drops of blood, and not too much of it, that is normal. I think it lasts about a week.
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I am relieved. Its just small amounts. I was starting to panic. Dumb me, yellow and pink bedding and cream carpet- not really blood friendly.
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She hasn't used the litter box since yesterday morning. I don't think that is normal
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Is she eating and drinking? What is she eating and drinking? Has she not peed or pooped, or has she just not pooped? (sorry)
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She is eating very well and drinking plenty. She did make a B-line for the shower yesterday morning and peed but not since then and no poop I did change her litter yesterday so I am sure she hasn't gone (the box is exactly like I left it). The kittens are 3 days old and have almost doubled their weight already. They are looking tubby and cute.
I did sprinkle some freshener into the litter, I wonder if she doesn't like that?
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pay attention to that, only because my Squiggles kept walking after birth, and wouldnt lay down, I took her in thinking maybe more kittens were in there since she did only have 1.
She was so constipated, she couldnt have taken another bite, enema had to be used, its cheaper, and easier on her to take care of it early if you think thats the problem, I also gave her alot of treats with fiber, to get things moving
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Yeah, I wonder if she's constipated. She's not drinking any milk is she (you know, cow's milk) because it can cause either diarrhea or constipation, I believe. Plus, there's that whole "pushing" thing, that I can tell you as a human mother I wasn't too interested in doing for a few days...
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I totally agree. I almost cried at the thought of a bowel movement I did mix a little KMR into her food but she didn't really like it. I will watch her carefully and maybe take her to the vet tomorrow.
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Please keep us updated. Show us some pictures
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You might even want to call the vet today. Usually our vet tech will answer questions on the phone. They may say, "oh, that's totally normal," or, "oh, do this thing and it will help." But it's always nice to get an opinion, I think.
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Im not sure what you feed her normally, etc..But look at everything you have, and see what has the most fiber, that will help till you atleast get her to the vet..
I had certain treats that are pretty high, as well as hairball food, which i dont even give her, but it was like a sample, its really high..
You could also try pumpkin, pure pumpkin, not sweetened, comes in a can..
Squiggles hated it, but I ended up putting a glob on her paw and she licked it right off.

The wet pouches didnt have much fiber at all..
I would try any of this and see if you cant get things moving
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Oh, that's right! Canned pumpkin is supposed to be great for that!
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Thanks, she has an appointment for tomorrow morning. I am going to try and post a few new pics. I can't get them to hold still and my boys won't be home until tomorrow.
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Way to cute.
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They are gorgeous. If the bleeding lasts much longer I would call a vet. I've been breeding cats for 10 years and have never had a queen bleed more than two days.
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