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new baby questions

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I might be paranoid but my cat had 5 kittens the last one being 10 hours old now. well there eating fine and weight is in normal ranges however i was expecting them to cry a lot but there quiet only a few meows or sucking sounds every now and then. Is this normal? The mama cat doesnt leave there side she did once for 2 sec one baby made a noise and she ran back lol Is it normal for then to eat and sleep and NOT cry a lot? or am I just being over careful? They all seem to be doing great though but im nervous lol
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They shouldn't cry, sounds like you have a good momma cat
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oh good!
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They sound like they are doing great, a newborn should just sleep and eat, if they cry, there is something wrong.
I would recommend getting a weight scale, grams are my preference, and weigh the kittens daily to make sure each one is gaining well.
If you need help with a low cost spay and neuter clinic in your area, I believe there are members that have access to helping you find this information. It would be a good idea to keep her inside, and have her spayed, once the kittens wean.
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If mom is caring to there every need they will not cry.
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